Haven for Counterfeit Products – Heera Panna Shopping Centre, Mumbai

Panna Market

There is no dearth of grey markets in the world and India has loads of them popularly based in all big and small cities and are quite famous for selling luxury goods at throw-away prices.

If we talk about Mumbai- the fashion capital of India and the city of dreams, there are some extremely popular markets that have made Mumbai one of the best shopping destinations in the world.

When it comes to popularity, Heera Panna shopping centre in Haji Ali simply tops the list. This shopping centre is a must visit for all shoppers when in Mumbai. It is a shopper’s haven and irrespective of its location in the busy streets of Mumbai, it is everyone’s cup of tea.

Heera Panna Market in Mumbai is considered to be one of the oldest shopping centres in the city. It was built about 20 years ago.

It is located at Bhulabhai Desai Road near the famous Haji Ali mosque. This shopping centre houses about 140 shops which sell some of the best-copied products at reasonable price tags. It is the ultimate solution when it comes to undisputed shopping. It is well-known especially for selling cheap and pocket-friendly electronic gadgets.

The shops at this market offer a wide range of clothes, watches, electronic goods, imported deodorants, leather accessories, shoes etc.

One can also eat and drink while shopping as this shopping centres gives shelter to some amazing food shops offering mouth-watering dishes.

One can easily purchase first copies of designer bags, belts, accessories, clothes and shoes at takeaway prices. One can also find all types of electronic gadgets like mobile phones, tablets, iPads, music systems, hardware etc. at extremely discounted prices.

Other products for which this market is famous for are the beautiful antiques and showpieces. You can buy these articles at ‘too good to believe prices’ and take them home.

This market is also popular amongst watch lovers as it sells copies of expensive and luxury watches at pocket-friendly prices. It is a paradise for copies of luxury watches.

No matter, how much appealing this market looks and sounds, there are some major hidden drawbacks. There is always a risk involved in purchasing counterfeit products. The price may look too good but there is no guarantee of these products and they may not be even worth half of what you have paid for!