The Hazards of Counterfeit Electronics

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Did you get a super deal on your recently purchased phone, television, or a laptop? Was the selling price too good to believe? Well, it might be a counterfeit!

The market is flooded with cheap electronics and are easily affordable but they can be equally dangerous and fatal to the lives of many people. Counterfeited electronics product market is growing two times as fast as the genuine products according to a report by FICCI CASCADE.

These phony items are very difficult to spot. A counterfeit product comes with identical logos and real packaging that it becomes very difficult to distinguish between the fake and real. These fake devices are made with such poor quality and toxic parts that can do unimaginable harm to the users and people around them at large.

Counterfeiting and grey market diversion of electronics components poses a serious challenge to today’s global electronics supply chain and threaten the integrity of products for manufacturers. These obsolete electronics components contribute to dangerous business exposure for manufacturer’s and compromise health and safety for consumers.

Counterfeited electronics is extremely dangerous. It can cause sparks, burns, major fire accidents and even death. The magnitude of counterfeiting in the electronics industry have increased over the years and especially in the last 5 years as many cases of counterfeiting in the aerospace, military and high-tech industries have been reported. It has been observed that counterfeit electronics have failed to perform under normal to critical situations.

According to the experts, these counterfeit electronics contain notoriously high levels of lead, cadmium and chlorine. Counterfeit electronics are sold because the margins are very high and profit revenues generated are huge. Not only this, counterfeiting also supports child labour and terrorism.

The counterfeit electronics before entering the market do not undergo stringent safety testing and therefore, there are high chances of them functioning abnormally.

The counterfeit parts used in electronics can be anything from wires, chips, semiconductor devices, circuits etc. Any faulty part in the product can lead to serious damages to the device and to the users.

Recently, there have been many cases of fires and blasts due to counterfeit mobile phones, batteries, microwave ovens and other daily utility electrical appliances.

When one uses a counterfeit electronic, they should remember they are not only putting their lives at risk but also of people around them. Counterfeited Electricals can cause physical, material and financial damage to great extents.

The most important step to prevent the purchase of counterfeit electronics is that one should always purchase articles from authorised dealers with a proper bill. On using the product for few days, if you feel something is wrong, return it immediately or get it exchanged before it can do severe damages.

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