How fake cement can create different problems?

Over the past few years, there has been a rise in the production and sale of fake cement. This is due to the ever-rising demand for cement in the construction industry. India is witnessing massive urbanisation, and this has led to the massive development of the real estate sector and infrastructure. We can witness endless skylines in different metro cities and the rapid growth of high-rise structures in tier 2 and tier 3 cities.

Besides the use of cement in the real estate sector it is also widely used in the development of various infrastructure-based projects. From dams to flyovers, bridges to office buildings the list seems endless when it comes to the utilization of cement in different projects. But the excessive use of cement in the construction industry has led to its massive duplication.

In the past few years, cement is being counterfeited and sold at high prices across different parts of the country. Some of the negative effects of counterfeit cement are as follows:

Counterfeit cement leads to the loss of manufacturers: According to the New Indian Express, “In September Rajasthan Police seized 800 bags of fake cement at a factory in Jaipur with packaging and logos of famous brands.” As per free press journal, “Fake UltraTech cement worth Rs 15 lakh seized at SDA compound in Indore worth Rs 15 Lakh.” Similarly, a few months back Bihar police raided a factory where fake cement of popular brands like Birla Gold and Lafarge were being manufactured.

Counterfeit cement poses a risk to human lives: Counterfeit cement can lead to poor construction quality and can lead to big accidents. Imagine a situation in which a building can fall down, or a bridge can break down due to weak construction quality. The outcomes of such accidents are terrible and are reported in different newspapers.