How Long Does Your Food Stay Fresh?

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With the change in times, people have started getting more inclined towards health and fitness. They have started realising and valuing the importance of staying fit and eating food items that add to body’s nutrition content.

A lot of articles and news keep coming up time and again talking about food items, their calorie count and most importantly the expiry dates!

But you’ll be surprised to know that many food items can be consumed well after their due expiry dates. If you are one of those careless eaters who pay least attention to expiry dates, you should read on to know about food articles that can always be in your possession.

1. Canned goods – If the canned goods are stored properly in a cool or a dry spot, the expiry dates can get prolonged. The expiry date on these cans usually indicates three years from when it’s been shelved, they can be consumed past the expiry date for up to four more years. But make sure the packing is intact, if there is any defect or hole, it’s better to not consume it.

2. Frozen food – Freezer temperatures prevent foods from smelling and rotting. Therefore, packed frozen foods are generally safe to consume past the expiration date. The taste of frozen items usually changes after some time, but as long as you can handle the changed taste, they are safe to eat.

3. Butter
– Butters have a long shelf life. If well preserved in refrigerators or freezers, they can last up to months without tasting bad.

4. Salad Mixes – Packaged salad mixes like spinach, lettuce and arugula are okay to eat past the due date. Till the time, the leaves are fresh, they are good to consume. You can easily get rid of the wilted leaves. When your greens start decaying (mushy or slimy leaves), it’s time to ditch them.

5. Dry Pasta – Pasta won’t spoil easily because it’s a dry product. You can use it well past the expiration date, so long as it doesn’t smell stale. Generally, dry pasta has a shelf life of two years, but you can typically push it to three.

6. Bread – The best before dates should always be checked before purchasing breads and bread products. If refrigerated properly, breads can survive much after their expiry dates. But so long as you don’t see mould growing on your grains, it should be okay to eat.

7. Cookies, Crackers and Chips – These food items do not get perish very easily. Moreover, if they get stale, you can easily make out with the taste. But till the time, it tastes fine, you can always consume them. The oils in the cookies stay good for a long time.

8. Eggs – Eggs are examples of food items that are not always consumed within the expiry date label. There’s a small trick to check if the eggs are still good to be consumed or not without cracking them open. Place them in a bowl of water to check its buoyancy. If it sinks, it’s still safe to eat; if it floats, throw it away.

9. Cereal – In every household, different people like different types of cereals. If you worry that the box will not get empty and will go waste, then you need not worry. You can stack up your favourite cereal boxes and store them for up to six months past the expiry date. If at any point, you feel, the flavour has got stale, it is advisable to discard the same.

10. Hard Cheeses – Hard cheeses are favourite for junk food lovers. They can be consumed well one month past the expiration date. Cheeses like Cheddar and Parmesan can be consumed even after mould has started to form. All you have to do is cut off the mouldy parts and consume the rest.

Food items and their expiry dates are difficult to predict. However good your ideas may fit sometimes, but there will be a lot of times when all that goes in vain. So, when you smell something wrong, or the colour appears to have changed, just discard that food item.