The Hub of Second Hand Auto Parts – Soti Ganj, Meerut


If you daydream about having cool accessories for your car, giving it a new look by changing its wheels and other parts, we totally believe that you might have known or visited the Soti Ganj market in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh at least once.

Well, hard to believe but if you still haven’t taken one trip down this giant auto market, we’ll tell you what it holds for all the car lovers.

Soti Ganj Market in Meerut is the largest scrap automobile market in North India. It has also been listed amongst the top 10 chor bazaars of the world for buying luxury items.

Apparently, the cars that get stolen from Delhi/NCR pays an obvious visit to this market and get disassembled within few hours. The process is done so quickly that the car that was running a few hours ago gets dismantled and converted to scrap in no time.

The market is a home to more than 300 shops and encounters thousands of buyers every day. Right from Maruti, Honda, Hyundai to luxury cars like Rolls Royce, Mercedes, Audi etc, they have every car’s products. You name it, they have it.

The place is the favourite among people who wish to buy new parts or like to revamp their cars but have an extremely limited budget. The auto and spare parts are sold at extremely cheap rates here. You can also get old cars and jeeps at cheap prices as much as Rs. 30,000. With a little more expense on the denting and painting, the car is as good as new.

The market is extremely famous worldwide and is also a hub for counterfeiters. While the major number of cars coming here are from theft and the products are taken out and sold to the customers. There is still a decent number of counterfeit products being sold here on the name of originals parts and on cheap rates.

It is worth mentioning here that 20% of road accidents that occur are due to the use of fake auto parts. While some people might not know about the authenticity of the product, the major population knows that the product they are buying is not genuine and can have adverse negative consequences.

Here, the question arises, what cheap deal are you striking when you will have to pay the amount with your life? How can people be so careless in buying things that can take theirs’ or others’ life in less than a minute?

The market not only boosts theft and lifting of cars illegitimately but also promotes counterfeiting on a global scale. The market is responsible for minting millions of cash every year by selling products which are not at par according to international quality standards.

The irony of the entire market is that it is flourishing in one of the most popular cities of India under the nose of the government and feeding on stolen cars and auto parts. However, lucrative it might appear, but the market is by no means adding revenues in the Indian economy.