Wads – Effective Devices Against Pilferage and Counterfeiting

Holographic Wads - Holostik

Wads are disc-shaped materials (usually of paper and foil) used for covering the openings of bottles, cans, jars, etc.

Holographic wads are induction sealing wads which prevent leakage, tampering, contamination and unauthorised dealing of various home and pharmaceutical products used in everyday life. These wads help in concealing and closing the mouth of products which in turn keep them secure from spilling or tampering.

In Holographic Induction sealing wads, the holographic foil is laminated with aluminium foil which in turn is coated with a layer of wax and LDPE, making it water-resistant. The sealing lids or wads provide extra security for bottle and container packing.

Holographic wads are widely used in almost all the industries. Be it pharmaceutical, agriculture, food and beverages, Cosmetics, paints, automobile, stationary etc. wads find their usage in many products.

Pharmaceutical– Holographic wads are mostly used by the pharmaceutical companies to seal the bottles of medicines securely and hygienically by using sealing machines.

Lubricants– Holographic wads prevent the lubricants from spilling from the bottle. Further, it provides a mark of identity and security to the lubricants manufacturing companies.

Chemical powders– Chemical powders need to be essentially fastened to prevent tampering or to secure leakages. Holographic wads provided by Holostik serve this purpose to a great extent.

The packaging of dairy products– Applying holographic sealing wads on the openings of the mouths of dairy product containers help the manufacturing companies to present their identity along with security.

Some of the benefits of using holographic wads are:
1. Wads contain customised visually appealing designs & graphics
2. Wads lend originality to the brand
3. Wads assure customers about the product’s authenticity

At Holostik, many variants of wads are manufactured and sold at best prices:
1. Induction sealing holographic and non-holographic wads
2. Black bottleneck printing (chromo paper/aluminum printing)
3. Customised wads with lids
4. Pressure sensitive wads
5. Over-printing on holography / poly / board
6. Mirror transfer
7. Peel and release wads
8. Wads with trace and trace

Holostik presents a premium range of holographic wads for clients from various industries at competitive prices. We create customised visually appealing designs & graphics for your products wads and lend originality to them.