One of the Most Popular Grey Markets of the World – Linking Road, Mumbai

linking road market

Mumbai is undoubtedly the style capital of India. The city is unique with its sassy culture and trends, exclusive designer boutiques, bustling streets and what not!

The city is the right conglomeration of top branded boutiques, dazzling malls, and popular grey markets. Linking Road market, Bandra in Mumbai’s western suburbs is one of the top flea markets in the world.

Linking Road market is shopper’s heaven. The market is a fusion of modern and traditional culture with numerous hawkers, vendors, street stalls and branded shops.

This market is full of street shops and has a treasure of replica goods and first copies of famous luxury brands like Prada, Michael Kors etc.

From latest clothes to shoes, cosmetics and accessories, funky jewellery, the Linking Road has it all. The street gives you ample choices and you can purchase these items at bewildering low prices; you just need to be a good and an expert negotiator.

Once you enter this shopping land, you will notice an array of footwear shops in all shapes, styles and colours which will pop your eyes out. This market is a haven for belts, accessories and even the tangiest street food like panipuri, bhelpuri and sev puri, regular coffee shops and food joints.

Purchasing from Linking Road means that you must remember that the key is bargaining. You should not pay more than half the quoted price and sometimes even less. If you hesitate while bargaining, this is just not the place for you.

The road is always thronged by people, starting from college youngsters to working women to house wives. You can also spot a throng of foreigners and outstation visitors. This popular market has something for everybody.

This market is quite well-known for its huge variety of cheap shoes piled up stall after stall. Prices start from as cheap as Rs. 100. But if you think at that price, they will long last, then you are totally mistaken.

You can also find first and second copies of famous and expensive brands at pocket-friendly prices. The counterfeit copies are sold here without any fear of law and the original makers.

Another item that is sold at very affordable prices are belts be it MK, LV, you can get the copies of everything.

This market expects and sees a crowd of thousands every day. It might be fulfilling the livelihood of thousands of sellers and is a popular shopping hub for locals but is also helping counterfeiting to flourish immensely.