Looking to Buy Silk? Let Us Help you in Buying Real!


Wedding season has just kick-started and if you are one of those who is gearing up for a wedding of a friend or family, we are sure you must be having a silk saree or a suit on your Wishlist. On hearing the term ‘silk sarees’, the first thing that comes up in my mind is the golden zari on beautiful and bright colours. Besides, their royal look and the traditional work, they are extremely comfortable to wear!

Silk sarees are a good investment as they can go on for generations without getting spoiled easily considering they are genuine.

If you too are a silk lover, we bring you some tips to identify if the silk you are buying or have already bought is genuine or fake.

1. Touch to know – This is a snappy spot test that one can do particularly before purchasing a silk saree. The thought is to rub the silk with your hands. On the off chance that you feel the warmth on rubbing it, go get it! It’s genuine. With simulated or manufactured silk, it is difficult to encounter warmth on rubbing.

2. Perform a Ring Test – On the off chance that the silk that you are wanting to purchase doesn’t have much weight, this test is great! Certifiable silk of lower handle can be effortlessly strung and pulled through a ring since silk is normally adaptable and smooth. Then again, simulated silks would scrunch up and would be difficult to pull through.

3. Pay attention to the cost – Obviously, real silk is right around ten times costlier than the manufactured ones. At times, the manufactured silk is estimated significantly higher and looks like silk to an untrained eye however for most them, low cost is a decent sign of its low quality.

4. Examine the lustre – Silk is particularly known for its brilliance. The brilliance is normally a direct result of the mix of strings which gives a specific sheen to the material. The shading at first glance seems to change as the point of the light changes. Simulated silks, in any case, give a white sheen regardless of what the edge of light falling on it.

5. Take a closer look at the weave – Hand woven silk brags of uniqueness. There are minor varieties in the evenness of the surface which is very recognizable. These are common and anticipated. These flaws lend distinction to the silk product. Machine woven silks look perfect. They are impeccably even in surface and thus lacks the character. Synthetic silk looks flawless. Even though, occasionally slight defects are purposely included with the goal that they could go off as genuine silk.

6. Perform a Burn Test – This is maybe the best and most conclusive test to discover certified silk. You can take a couple of strings from the material and consume it with a fire. Real silk burns with the smell of hair. When you burn the edge of genuine silk texture, the fire is imperceptible, and it will quit consuming when the fire is evacuated. The fiery debris created subsequently, is dark, fresh and fragile. It swings to powder when curved in fingers. With the manufactured silk, it is a remarkable inverse. At the point when engineered silk is scorched, there is a fire and possess a scent reminiscent of plastic. No powder is created. Obviously, you may need to practice alert with this progression.

7. Chemical test – If you truly need to know, think about a Chemical Test. On the off chance that you have a lab with essential chemicals on the standby, prepared for some experimentation, what’s halting you? Mix all the underneath and plunge a little bit of silk that you need to test into the arrangement. Genuine silk breaks up in no time while counterfeit silk would not disintegrate.

16 grams Copper Sulphate
8 grams Glycerine
1 tablespoon acidic pop
150 cc of water

8. The older, the better – The elder the silk gets, the more excellent it becomes. With the phoney silk, it is an incredible inverse. The phoney silk tends to fade with time. Yet, once more, it is a superior plan to purchase a certifiable silk instead of wind up with a phoney one.

Now that you are outfitted with some better than average tips for the following silk shopping binge, we are sure you will never ever add a fake silk to your wardrobe!