Make Sure you Get Real Value for your Kanjeevaram – How to Avoid Fakes

pure kanjeevaram silk saree

Kanjeevaram saree is a sort of silk saree made in the Kanchipuram locale in Tamil Nadu, India. Kanjeevaram sarees are outstanding for their extraordinary surface, quality and craftsmanship. It requires a long investment to make a saree.

Kanjeevaram sarees more often have thick brilliant fringe brocade plan which is the most prominent method used to enrich costly sarees. You can discover botanical or Indian fanciful stories outline on Kanjeevaram sarees. Kanjeevaram sarees dependably give you an unmatched regal, ethnic, customary and rich look. Kanjeevaram silk saree industry is today worth more than $20 million.

Kanjeevaram silk sarees generally have a differentiating zari border. This is a component that recognizes these sarees from numerous different kinds of silk sarees made in India. Weavers take a silk string and curve a silver string over this string and after that, it is plunged into unadulterated gold to make the zari outskirt. These days, tested zari is also being utilized on a large scale. This tested zari is less expensive as a copper wire that is electroplated with silver is being utilized rather than pure silver string to make the zari.

With the quantity of silver utilized as a part of making the saree going down significantly, this diminishes the cost of the Kanjeevaram silk saree. On the off chance that you can’t decide the nearness of copper, how to distinguish pure Kanjeevaram silk saree remains a troublesome task.

Nonetheless, you can take note of the distinction between a pure zari saree and a tested zari saree on the off chance that you nearly look at the shade of the zari work. Tested zari sarees are sold at a less expensive cost as a rule to draw individuals who need to purchase Kanjeevaram silk sarees.

1. Burn test to recognize if Kanjeevaram silk saree is pure – Cull out a couple of strings from the twist and weft and light a fire toward the finish of the strings. When the fire has halted, you will discover a ball of fiery remains abandoned. Take this ball in your grasp and rub it to smell. You will discover the aroma like hair or leather. If it is along these lines, you are taking a gander at a pure Kanjeevaram silk saree. On the off chance that the saree has been made utilizing manufactured filaments, there will be no powder after the fire and you will see a flare that is normal after consuming such strands. There won’t be a possess an aroma like consuming hair for this situation.

2. Zari test to distinguish pure Kanjeevaram silk saree – Search for the loose end of zari in the saree. Pure zari is made of red silk string that is turned with a silver string and after that plunged in 22-carat pure gold. On the off chance that after pulling the zari, you find that the silk string isn’t red yet white or some other shading, you can be quite sure that the saree that you are purchasing isn’t a pure Kanjeevaram silk saree. The most effective method to recognize pure Kanjeevaram silk saree turns out to be simple with this visual test.

The silk sarees are degummed, and the yarn coloured before weaving. The genuine Kanjeevaram has unique zari, a differentiation pallu and outskirt, and this called for artfulness in interlocking the weaves called Korvai. So, if a silk saree does not have these three traits, it isn’t a unique Kanjeevaram.

3. Search for the Silk Mark name – If the silk saree that you are purchasing is valued at Rupees 8000 or even less, you can be truly sure that it isn’t a pure Kanjeevaram silk saree. Try not to purchase saree from a little shop or store and get it from a legitimate and dependable shop. Silk Board of India has thought of an idea called Silk Mark that is granted just to pure Kanjeevaram silk sarees. Search for this name on the saree to make sure of its validity.

On the off chance that you have just acquired the saree, you can get its zari tried at Zari test office built up by the administration in Kanjeevaram. They will test the zari for an ostensible expense of Rupees 40 to affirm if the saree is unique or not.

4. The brilliant silk is woven in handlooms and made from pure mulberry silk, known as getti pattu – for its strength and wrap up. Kanjeevaram weavers utilize 3 ply silk for the border and 2 ply for the body and weft and pure silver or gold zari. Kanjeevaram mirrors a weaving and colouring custom several years of age and it calls for aptitudes. If you fail to spot these in a sari, it is certainly a fake!