Is Your Michael Kors Handbag Real?

michael kors handbags

MK bags and accessories are the hottest products in the fashion industry. The other day, I went shopping with a cousin who just returned from Paris and was carrying an MK bag. She spotted the same bag at the bag store for Rs 2,000 which she had bought for Rs 19,000 from Paris. Before she could gulp the disappointment, the shopkeeper exclaimed, “Madamji, aapka vala original hai, ye vala second copy hai.’ She was relieved!

It’s hard to resist the temptation of buying an MK especially the one on sale. Don’t get duped into buying a fake and we warn you, fake MK bags are everywhere.

Michael Kors handbags are known for their high-quality materials and have neat buckles, tassels, chains, handles, braided handles, locks, and, the famous signature “MK” logo.

We asked the shopkeeper that how he could make out the difference between an original and the fake so easily when it appeared exactly the same to us. After boasting about his years of experience and eye for detail, he told us some main qualities that can help distinguish a fake bag from a real one.

You should look for these unique quality details when hunting for your desired Michael Kors bag.

1. Price – For all designer handbags, the price is a big indicator of what we’re buying. Michael Kors handbags range from several thousand to lakhs. Look for the price on the brand’s website and note it down. If you find it at a price too good to believe, it is surely a fake.

2. Trademark – The signature MK logo is a trademark of MK bags. Always look closely for the designer’s trademark square buckles and fixtures. All Michael Kors bags display these square accents. In authentic handbags, “MK” insignias can be found on buckles, snaps and other metal parts.

3. Materials – Original Michael Kors handbags are made of very fine materials and are extremely well-handcrafted. They have silver and gold-tone hardware which is sturdy and shiny. Fake MK handbags use cheaper metals and plastic.

4. The stitching – Authentic MK bags have stitching to die for. They are even, straight, perfectly aligned with perfect seaming. A knock-off will always have a large and uneven stitching. This is an easy indicator as it is very difficult for the replicators to copy stitching. A lot of experienced and skilled labour is needed to get that perfect stitching which the replicators can never afford.

5. The inside lining – People who make knock-offs only care about the outside look of the product. So, it is easy to tell the difference by looking what’s inside. The inside of a real bag will be made of a soft canvas-like material with leather trimming around the lining. The zippers, trim and seams are neatly stitched. If you see unstitched seams and tags, you can be sure that it is just a replica of MK.

6. Research the bag you want – Visit a boutique or MK official website and do extensive research on the bag you want. Compare all the important features. Be it insignias, buckles, tassels, locks, chains etc. pay a closer look to all.

If you find anything out of place, your eyebrows must raise. When you know what you’re buying, it’s easier to identify replica.

7. Purchase from trusted retailers – Always buy your designer handbags from their boutiques or stores. If you planning to buy one online, purchase from a reputable dealer. Be sure to read the seller’s feedback and review their return policy. If their bags are authentic, they’ll have no problem taking it back.