The Need of Anti-counterfeiting Technologies in Product Protection


According to International Chamber of Commerce, 1.7 Trillion Rupees is the estimated global economic and social impact of counterfeiting in 2015. There is a 10,000% growth in the problem of counterfeiting in the past two decades says IACC.

Counterfeit goods have spread across multiple industries including apparel, accessories, automobile, education, government, banks, music, software, medications, liquor, cigarettes, consumer goods, toys, electronics and much more.

It is a parallel industry, and if you thought, what harm can a cheap counterfeit product do, well think again! The cheap price usually comes with an extremely high price which is not seen initially.

Made from cheap, substandard and dangerous substitutes, counterfeits can be extremely dangerous to your safety and health. Owing to the global obsession with online shopping, counterfeits are minting money day and night. Transactions through counterfeit merchants and illegal sites can give a hard hit to your pockets. Counterfeiting promotes child labour, trafficking, and even terrorism.

Counterfeiting takes away the hard-earned money and reputation of legitimate companies by selling the fake and cheap replicas of their original products.

With counterfeiting making its footprints deeper and marking its presence everywhere, the solutions to combat it have not only become necessary but mandatory. This is where the role of authentication technologies comes in.
Product authentication’s role is to ensure that a given product is genuine or counterfeit. The product authentication process during the entire supply chain should be exemplary as manually it is very difficult to identify a counterfeit. The initial point of automated non-destructive product authentication is to insert a special security feature into products like a barcode, QR code, serial numbers etc.

Product authentication can take place at a single piece or at pallet formation or at higher aggregated levels also. As every product has different security requirements, therefore different solutions are needed to secure different products.

Holostik is the ultimate leader in providing anti-counterfeiting products and solutions.
Holostik’s authentication technologies are applied in the three main areas of Anti-tampering, Anti-counterfeiting and Track and Trace technologies.

These technologies can be categorised into Overt, Covert, Forensic or Digital.
1. Overt Technologies – These can be viewed through naked eyes and are meant for fats, easy and on the spot visual authentication. These are features built into labels, documents and packaging and have dynamic visual effects.

2. Covert Technologies – To verify their presence and validity, a special reader or a detector is required. These include ultraviolet and infrared inks, micro text unique synthetic tagging etc.

3. Forensic Technologies – They are not readily recognisable and require special tools for detection and validation. These are taken to a laboratory with specialised equipment for validation.

4. Digital Technologies – These may be either overt or covert but all require an electronic means for detection and validation. These are mostly associated with RFID tags or with serialised numbers that can be compared to a remote database.

The company uses special features and techniques like security inks, serial numbers, raster films, covert laser readable features, taggants, talking pen, scratches, E-beam and dot matrix origination and dot matrix technology.

These technologies are extremely difficult to copy or imitate and are prepared using expensive and updated machines and soft wares and are operated by experts of this domain.

There are still a lot of companies that have not understood the importance of securing their products using anti-counterfeiting products and solutions. Not their fault, nobody realises the importance till they are badly hit by these spurious acts. And honestly, the recovery of brand image and profit revenues take years to get normal after the hard-hit.

Many companies, organisations, governments and educational institutions have switched to securing their products, solutions, documents, Id-cards, currencies with Holostik’s products, solutions and authentication technologies.
The company understands and appreciates the efforts that goes to make a brand popular and reap benefits out of it and therefore urges every company; irrespective of its size to safeguard their products and make them counterfeit-proof.

Holostik provides inimitable security solutions and aims to integrate innovation and technology to protect the value of their partners’ brands and in the process, create a more secure world.