Gaffar Market – The Most Popular Grey Market in Delhi

Gaffar Market

Delhi is the metropolis of glitzy malls but it also boasts several markets of different leagues, the most popular being; Gaffar Market.

Gaffar market is located in Karol Bagh, New Delhi.

If you are a Delhiite or in Delhi, you just can’t afford to miss the thousand facets, this market offers. It is one of the favourite shoppers stop of Delhiites and people who love to buy things at throwaway prices.

More popularly known as the grey market but it is a treat for people who wish to buy ‘imported’ goods at less than the ‘official prices’. Clothing, cosmetics, crockery, electronics and electricals, toys, shoes, bags, you name it, and it’s here.

The market sells China goods without any difficulty. Electronic goods like air-conditioners, cameras, televisions, mobiles and other accessories are sold at ‘unbelievable prices’ without bills and without guarantee and warranty.

The most astonishing fact about this market is that some products are sold here before they are launched in the country. The iPhone launched in Europe was declared as the discovery in that year by a global magazine but it could be easily purchased from here several months before its initiation. If sources are to be believed then PS3 was sold here much before they were released in India.

The market inhabits almost 500 shops and gives a thousand options to the buyers. The shoes are mostly imported from China while the garments are imported majorly from Thailand. Shopkeepers in this market deal and sell a variety of fake goods and confidently claim that these possessions are as good as originals.

Gaffar Market is undoubtedly the hub of fake first and second copies of popular brands in the world. Several luxury brands like LV, Gucci, Burberry, MK etc. are sold here at extremely pocket-friendly prices. Other goods like jackets, suits, lehengas, chinaware, crockery, crystals are sold here at extremely low rates and attracts thousands of customers every day.

The market is one of the favourite junction for college-goers as it allows them to buy branded looking stuff at affordable prices.

The market with its numerous shades; good or bad witnesses a carnival like atmosphere every day. It provides employment to thousands of people and is a heaven for people with extremely low-budgets.

Undoubtedly, the goods are sold here at steal away prices, but you must be a skilful negotiator to get the best deals.

A lot of counterfeit goods and knockoffs are sold here without any hesitation and fear. The counterfeit electronics can be extremely fatal to the users and should be purchased at owners’ risk.