Revenue Stamps – From Tax Collection Devices to Advanced Security Gadgets

Revenue Stamps

The fundamental motive behind excise tax stamps is to give a physical method for gathering duty or taxes. The stamps mean that an instalment has been made – or is expected to be made – to a perceived governing authority as to a specific excisable thing, for example, a pack of cigarettes or a container of liquor.

Be that as it may, tax stamps have constantly gone up to take extra roles – but accidentally – just by the reality of being joined to an item. And in addition, giving noticeable evidence of tax payment their attachment with any product to some degree works as an assurance that the item is genuine. Moreover, by being located over the opening of a tobacco package or a liquor bottle, they go about as a hostile to altering/against reuse seal.

Another part that duty stamps are beginning to accept is that of a bearer of serialized codes for item-level generation checking the supply chain via track and trace.

Although it was maybe just characteristic that tax stamps could never simply be utilized for just tax gathering, their advancement has been quickened by various late worldwide improvements.

One of these improvements identifies with the dynamic, and some of the time, increment in tobacco extract charges, executed by numerous legislatures in an offer to decrease national utilization and raise incomes.

As excise charges have developed, so has the estimation of the stamps speaking to them. This, thus, has made it more advantageous for hoodlums to deliver fake stamps to disguise unlawful, untaxed item.

This process and the relative straightforwardness with which crooks would now be able to duplicate feebly secured assess stamps – has prompted the requirement for stamps to convey hearty, noticeable security highlights – much like those on a banknote – to recognize them from counterfeit stamps.

Another driver of the development in tax stamps includes the leaps forward in information handling abilities and portable correspondences, which have enabled items to be set apart in-line amid generation with their own one of kind codes, recorded in a database. The codes may then be utilized to check the item in remote areas and give key information on the source, destination and authenticity.

The capacity of tax stamp providers and others associated with assessing stamp projects to screen and record complex production network information progressively is something that could just have been longed for a couple of decades ago.

Holostik is a world-class leader in providing tax/revenue stamps. Liquor, cigarettes and tobacco products are highest selling commodities in Indian markets and are thus more prone to counterfeiting. To maximise government revenues, it is essential that the tax stamps used are incorporated with special security and authentication features.

Our tax stamp encompasses a variety of technologies which are combined with strong product authentication, holographic & non-holographic features. We make tax stamps that are tailored to customer-specific needs and are designed to protect tax revenues and fees.

Loaded with extra-secured features, these stamps are the perfect tools for collecting the tax and combating counterfeiting.

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