Security Holograms – The Best and Low Cost Anti-Counterfeiting Devices

Security holograms perfect anti-counterfeiting tools

There is a flood of counterfeits everywhere. The stores, local vendors, online e-commerce websites are all swamped with counterfeits and knock-offs.

Every day, the newspapers are filled with news related to huge revenue losses because of counterfeiting. Counterfeiting is a menace for everyone. Nobody really benefits from it besides the counterfeiters. When counterfeit products reach the market, the consumers are duped because they buy it thinking of something else. Nonetheless, these products have serious safety issues involved.

The manufacturers of the original products are hit the most. Their highly branded stuff is sold at the price of peanuts posing serious revenue losses and the brand reputation is all gone for a toss. As for the retailers, they are always fearful of the consequences of selling counterfeits and are never able to do fair or fearless business.

Despite having strict and stringent litigation, laws and rights against the counterfeiters and for safeguarding the Intellectual Property Rights, the counterfeiters always come out with easy options to continue their unlawful businesses successfully.

The ultimate challenge arises that amidst the current scenario, how do one protect their products and brand reputation? Well, the easiest and cost-effective answer is the use of security holograms.

Security holograms are perfect anti-counterfeiting tools that have come a long way in fighting counterfeiting. These are low-cost security devices with unique designs and are off late being used widely by manufacturers of almost all products.

Holograms find its application in almost all industrial sectors including industrial, commercial and residential. It is one of the best devices to combat forgery.

Some of the benefits of using holograms are:

1. These are cost-effective and easy to apply
2. Tamper-evident feature – if any attempt of opening the product is made, it is easily visible.
3. Exhibits multiple security features and functions
4. An additional layer to secure your products
5. Made using advanced technologies, hence very difficult and expensive for counterfeiters to copy.
6. Manages the supply chain effectively when paired with QR code or barcode.
7. Demotivates counterfeiters to replicate your product.

As the problem of counterfeiting has spread globally, it is no longer a choice to safeguard one’s product. It has become vital for companies to protect their products and brand reputation from the reach of counterfeiters.

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