Security Labeling in Pharmaceutical Sector – The Way Forward

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In the current scenario, it is a big challenge for pharmaceutical manufacturers to choose the right labels for their products.

It might seem simple but is rather a comprehensive task requiring a perpetual balancing to create brand identity, meet a growing demand for products, and keep them secured against all kind of spurious activities.

As the pharmaceutical packaging industry continues to be dominated by technology, security labels play an important and inevitable role in operational efficiency and security.

Counterfeiting continues to plague many big industries, pharmaceutical being one of them. Pilferage of packages and its tampering and theft has created a lot of havoc in the minds of both manufacturers and end-consumers.

Nothing is costlier than a life and fake pharmaceutical products can be life-threatening. The end- users want to be certain about the legitimacy of the medicines and drugs they are consuming.

A lot of manufacturers globally have switched to a wide range of overt, covert and forensic security labels to remain steps ahead of counterfeiters, and safeguard their products.

Some of the key technologies used on pharmaceutical products by the manufacturers to combat counterfeiting are:

1. Use of void films that leave irreversible “VOID” messages on a package when a label was tried to detach and attach.

2. The use of special inks, taggants, and other special additives in label materials that can be detected only with special readers.

3. The use of tamper-evident holograms with two -or three-dimensional holographic diffraction patterns. Customized holograms with different levels of security can be made depending upon the requirements of the product that provides an added level of security.

4. Customized fibers, watermarks or threads may be included in the label material.

5. Unique barcodes and QR codes are assigned to each number and the customer can directly verify the authenticity of the product by scanning it with a help of a scanner easily available on mobile apps.

These technologies have added levels of security and assurance to the legitimate products. However, the best method is not just adopting a single technology but combining solutions to develop customized security and authentication.

At Holostik, we make customer-specific security labels loaded with visible and hidden security features to maximise security against tampering and counterfeiting. We provide a large range of pharmaceuticals labels that are suitable for all types of pharmaceuticals applications.

Our security labels can be applied to almost all pharmaceutical products like bottles, covers of medicines, tonics, health solutions etc and on any substrate. These labels give a unique identity to the genuine products and ensure the supreme security of the same.

Depending on the level of security desired, security and anti-counterfeit labeling may occur at the carton or bottle level.

It all starts with choosing the right strategy and determining next steps. Communication with customers is a key to ensure that they understand the steps were taken to protect brands, their shipments and the well-being of the end user.

The future of pharmaceutical labels depends on the pharmaceutical manufacturers who must differentiate their products and safeguard their brands in an ever-evolving industry. The challenge for today’s pharmaceutical label developers is creating products that meet the technical requirements of pharmaceutical companies, as well as assure the consumers that the product is safe to use.

New label solutions are helping companies solve these challenges. From simple security products with incorporated functionality to anti-tamper and brand protection features, today’s innovative labeling options are helping companies deliver consumer packaging that is not only attractive and effective but also more safe, secure and compliant for end users and brands.