Security Label: An effective packaging solution against duplication

security labels importance

Security labels are the first communicators of a company, its brand image, product’s usage and its function. Hence, it is important that a security label should be very effective and powerful. Security labels are one of the most difficult things for the counterfeiters to duplicate.

Security labels are important for enhancing the brand value of the product. Attractive security labels can play a substantial role in creating a visual appeal for the product. Quite evidently, labels which are attractive and soothing to the eye easily catch our attention. Different kinds of security features incorporated on the label can act as a deterrent against counterfeiting.

The security features can be holographic or digital or a combination of both. For example, the incorporation of a QR code or bar codes along with holographic security features add multiple layers of security to the product.

Holostik is one of the largest manufacturers of labels in India. The anti-counterfeiting company not just make different types of security labels but creates an identity that will effectively reflect your brand to your customers and protect it from tampering and counterfeiting. Holostik not just makes it much more secure for its clients but also makes it impossible to copy or replicate it by adding an extra layer of security.

Let’s have a look at some of the features of Holostik’s security labels:

Types of numbering

  • UV
  • Thermal/laser/ink-jet
  • 2D/QR barcodes

Different formats

  • Printing
  • Holography & printing


Holostik provides up to 9 colour printing

Different kinds of Labels

  • FMCG Labels
  • Pharmaceutical labels
  • Label on label
  • Automotive Labels
  • High-security labels
  • In-mould labels
  • Lubricant labels
  • Tyvek Label
  • Beer Labels
  • Tags
  • Apparel Tags
  • Scratch Label
  • Educational Certificates
  • Holographic Scratch


  • Paper
  • Breakable Vinyl
  • Transparent
  • Adhesive Side Printing
  • Tyvek (Non-Tearable)
  • Scratch Labels
  • Fiber Paper Labels
  • In-mould Labels