Selling Fertilisers with Bills – Will it Help Curb Counterfeiting?

To destroy the likelihood of a sale of counterfeit composts and agro synthetic compounds, the Punjab Government has chosen to bargain entirely with the merchants offering manures and bug sprays without bills.

‘Tandarust Punjab Mission’ executive Kahan Singh Pannu has shot off a report to the state Agriculture Director requesting the strict usage of the Insecticides Act, 1968, and the Fertilizer Control Act, 1985.

Pannu has likewise requested to forward similar guidelines to all Deputy Commissioners of the state to additionally educate the Agriculture Officers at the regional level to guarantee consistent checking of insecticides shops and to make the farmers mindful about the outcomes of counterfeit insecticides.

It has been illuminated in the letter that the District Agriculture Officer will guarantee the sufficient consistency of the directions of the two laws and stop the offer of compost and agro synthetic compounds without billing by any private merchant in Punjab.

“On the off chance that a merchant is observed to offer manures or other material without a bill or not fitting in with the quality parameters, lawful move ought to be made against him and the officer ought not to refrain from dropping his permit,” expressed the letter.

“To guarantee an entrance to unadulterated and common horticultural create to the general population of Punjab, it is fundamental to give quality manures and agro-synthetic substances to the farmers. Under the ‘Tandarust Punjab Mission’, the merchants offering composts and insecticides without bills are in effect entirely managed,” said Pannu.

He said that after the after the green revolution, the utilization of synthetic compounds in edit development is being done at a vast scale. “In the State, substance manures, seeds and agro-synthetic compounds are sold in enormous amounts by the private brokers through around 8,000 shops. It has been watched that most private businesspeople have been offering composts, prescriptions and other horticultural contributions to the farmers with no consistent bills, because of which the likelihood of offer of fake manures and other homestead create can’t be precluded,” he included.

Pannu, who is likewise the Punjab Pollution Control Board executive, said that under the Mission, clean drinking water, sustenance and air must be given to the general population.

“As standard composts and other agro synthetic compounds, utilized for cultivating, are the methods for creating better sustenance, along these lines, it is important to guarantee accessibility of good quality manures and different agrochemicals to the farmers,” he said.

Pannu said that guaranteeing appropriate quality and amount of manures and rural sources of info is the duty of the retailers and it is a legitimate and good obligation of the authorities of Agriculture Department to guarantee quality rural contributions for the farmers.

Keeping this in mind, the Director Agriculture has been requested to guarantee by the forces vested under the Insecticide Act, 1968, and the Fertilizer Control Act, 1985, that manures and agro synthetic concoctions are not sold by any merchant in the state without appropriate charging, he included.