Shrink Sleeves – An Ideal Choice for Product Packaging

Shrink Sleeves

Shrink sleeves have become the leading packaging application and are being used majorly in many industries like beverages, food, dairy, paint, cosmetics, detergents etc. Holostik’s custom printed shrink sleeves are known for their aesthetic appeal and functional adjustability.

On applying heat, these sleeves reduce in size and conform tightly to the shape of the container or product, creating a sleek label and product package. Having brilliant artwork and designs on them, these sleeves are perfect for marketing and brand promotion.

Holostik also manufactures shrink sleeves that come with a holographic strip and immediately gives the sign of tampering which makes it a reliable solution against counterfeiting. These are tamper-evident shrink sleeves that are visually appealing product packaging with an essential feature that ensures the safety of products and consumers.

Shrink sleeves are widely used in almost all the industries and are very popular in all businesses. We’ll talk about 5 major reasons that make shrink sleeves an ideal choice for packaging.

1. They provide 360 Degree Branding

Shrink sleeves wrap around the entire container which provides a 360-degree visibility to your brand name. This type of 360-degree branding is helpful for marketing exposure. No matter whichever way your product is displayed or used, the branding will always be very strong.

2. Works on all types of containers

The best property of shrink sleeves is that on applying heat, they conform tightly to the shape of the container. Sometimes, the bottles come in such odd shapes, that labelling becomes extremely difficult.

Shrink sleeves are the perfect solution to all such limitations. They adhere to the irregular shapes and gives an even look. If the design is planned well, the shrink sleeves can add life to the product, making it stand out from the rest.

3. A tamper-evident seal or a holographic strip can add security

We are all aware of the alarming rates of counterfeiting. The contents of the bottle, containers getting pilfered has become a common practice. Many famous brands products were getting pilfered during the transit.

A tamper-evident seal or a holographic strip adds utmost security to the bottles. Any attempt to open the bottle and re-seal is completely evident. The customer can see the tampered seal and refuse to purchase the product.

4. Eco-friendly containers

Shrink sleeve labels are a great eco-friendly alternative. The use of shrink sleeves keeps you away from worrying about adhesives and other non-eco-friendly labelling concerns. Shrink sleeves can also be used and thrown in the recycle bin. The use of shrink sleeves also causes minimum wastage.

5. Abrasion Resistant

Shrink sleeves are capable of any kind of wear and tear. The products with shrink sleeves also look good for a longer period. These are resistant to scratching, tears, and other damages.

Any kind of graphics or mirror finish printed is harder to scuff or scrape the colouration off the label. There are very few chances of your labelling getting tarnished during the shipping and unloading process.

Holostik provides a variety of shrink sleeves:

1. Body and neck sleeves with holography
2. Body and neck sleeves with printing
3. Body and neck sleeves with printing and holography

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