Simple ways to check the authenticity of mobile charger and cable

phone charger

Mobile phones are among the highest selling products. For all the people who own phones, tabs and notes these are some popular hacks which can be used to determine the genuineness of a cable and charger- the most important accessories. This will help in protecting your phone from all the bad effects which are caused due to a phone charger or cable.

For an original charger: Check the following points

  • This is the most important hack. Check the logo printed on your phone charger. The printing should be clear and without any spelling errors.
  • Always look at the back of the actual phone charger. It should not be printed in a bad manner. It should not be printed on a sticker.
  • The point which should be seriously considered is that the raised ink rises up when exposed to heat. It is much more expensive to produce compared to stickers.
  • There should not be any kind of material defects or visible seams. This clearly means that such product is not easy to open and has no plastic sticking out on the corners.
  • Fake chargers will never be able to charge the phone quickly and can pose a risk to your phone.

For an original USB cable: Check the following points

  • Original cables will have a standard USB end. It will also have a micro USB end.
  • Original USB cables are always designed keeping in mind the communication device. It should easily fit in the device and should not be too tight or too loose.
  • When you plug your charger into a power outlet, you will see a pop-up on your smartphone. This will indicate cable charging. Along with this, you will also see an indication of time.
  • Original cables are always recognized when plugged into a computer. If the cable is not recognized, then it’s a fake cable.