Smell Real – Don’t Fall Prey to Fake Fragrances


If you are one of the many people who love to adorn their bodies with unique fragrances and scents, we know how much you would value a real perfume. Knowing which fragrances are real and which are fake can be a challenge. About 90% of fake fragrances are sold in the grey market (source: ultramatis). If you are planning to buy a perfume online, here are some quick tips to purchase the real thing.

1. Reputable retailer – Buy your perfume only through a reputable retailer. Check that your seller should have been in business for many years now and has a high customer following.

2. Price – This is perhaps the easiest way to spot a counterfeit and a real fragrance. If you are being sold a branded fragrance at a price much below its actual cost, don’t be tempted to buy it. There are chances, it might be a counterfeit. Getting good deals is not uncommon online but if the fragrance is very popular and highly branded, there are less chances of getting cheap deals on it.

3. Return policy – Majority of the branded store offers comprehensive return policies. If there is no such policy, it can be considered as a red flag.

4. Packaging
– The box that the bottle comes in gives a very good indication of its authenticity. If the label looks cheap and unprofessional, there are fair chances that the contents will not be real. A real fragrance will come in a box of a high quality, and the label should not have any spelling mistakes. The bottle also indicates about its authenticity. An imitate would look cheap and dull.
Real packaging will be made from high-quality paperboard and is designed to protect the bottle from damage. The box will contain a special construction that helps in keeping the perfume bottle in place.

5. Scent – This is a very important step in detecting the genuineness of a fragrance. The smell of the real and the fake perfume might be similar but not the same. As synthetic chemicals are often used in counterfeits instead of expensive essential oils.

6. Background check – Check the manufacturer’s website before purchasing a perfume. If the information published matches with the information provided on the packaging, go ahead and buy it. But if there is even a slightest of mismatch, leave it.

7. Colour
– The real perfumes do not use many dyes so have a pale colour usually. A striking dark colour can be a sign of fake perfume.

8. Barcodes – In real perfumes, barcodes are usually at the bottom of the perfume box. If you spot them at the side of the box, there are high chances of it being a counterfeit.

These are little things but goes a long way in helping you buy a real fragrance. Fake fragrances not only hit your pocket badly but are also potentially harmful for health. So, keep these important eight points in mind before you buy a fragrance.