Stay Away from Burning Fake Incense Sticks – Test your Fragrance


Majority of us just love incense sticks and are simply awed with the fragrance and the pleasant atmosphere it creates on burning.

Incense sticks are popularly used the entire year. People use them while performing pujas, aartis and some just have the habit of burning them daily without any particular reason or occasion. The demand aggressively increases during some festivals.

Different people have different reasons to use them. These thin aroma sticks are known to have several benefits besides filling the aroma with beautiful flavours and pampering our nostrils.

Incense sticks are known to create a positive aura and have healing, relaxing and soothing effects on the mind and the body. They are good in inducing sleep, relieving stress and curbing tension. Some incense sticks also have anti-bacterial properties which keep away infections.

As we have been mentioning in all our blogs, with popularity comes counterfeiting, therefore, incense sticks too are susceptible to a lot of forgery and counterfeiting. Counterfeit incense sticks may not be equally impactful as the real ones. They do not last very long, burn out easily and the aroma is also not very effective. In short, they are not value for money.

In this blog, we will discuss few tips to identify if the incense stick is fake or real.

1. Binding agent – Counterfeit incense sticks use an inferior binding agent which melts under direct sunlight after two hours, the oil vaporises.

Genuine incenses cannot be manufactured cheaply and are made with real ingredient without any fragrant oil. The binding agent is superior, usually made from natural adhesive from a species called Litsea Glutinosa and when pressed, it will produce a sticky substance, scentless when to burn.

As fine incenses use real ingredients, no “joss stick” is used as a base. With a good binding agent, the incense is strong enough to stand by itself and without having to burn the “stick”.

2. The fragrance – Fragrant oil incenses always have a sharp smell like synthetic room spray even at room temperature, Genuine incense offers a smooth and pleasant aroma. When real incense sticks are burned, the smoke does not irritate your eyes or noses.

High quality incenses produce minimum burn note and gives light and pleasant experience. In contrast, fake sticks burn and produces a lot of smoke with a very strong smell and most people find they are tangy and gives eye-watering experience.

3. The Cost – The natural oils incense sticks or those made with rich ingredients are comparatively expensive than the ones made with cheap fragrant oils. If the price for a natural oil looks too good to be true, you have all the reasons to doubt its authenticity.

We are sure you will never want to burn fake incense sticks to freshen up your home. So, just be a little careful and go for the real ones and give yourself and your house the best of aroma.