The Alluring deals of Counterfeiting!

Alluring deals of Counterfeiting

Counterfeiting is everywhere and expanding! A major key to combat counterfeiting is by understanding why people buy them.

Two types of counterfeiting exist. One is Deceptive counterfeiting that takes place where the consumer is unaware that they have purchased a counterfeit product. The second and more harmful is Non-deceptive counterfeiting where the consumer willingly buys counterfeit products.

Through this blog, we will deal with the latter type of counterfeiting i.e. non-deceptive counterfeiting. We all blame the lawmakers for not coming out against counterfeiters. But for that, they need to know that why the demand exists? The consumption of counterfeiting is a complex activity and requires a deep understanding and research of the causes that needs to be understood.

Many studies have been conducted as to why people buy counterfeit brands and the types of people who are buying them willingly. It was observed that people who have little or no regard to law go for counterfeited products. Also, there are many people who keep negative attitudes toward big businesses, genuine brands and unfair prices. Last but not the least, sadly there are many who cannot afford genuine products and pamper themselves with the fake or cheap replicas of designer goods.

Counterfeits are also appealing to those people who want to show off their status, but do not have the required funds to do so with genuine products. The major reason for the usage of counterfeits is that there exist no stringent laws for the manufacturing and use of counterfeits. The easy availability, pocket-friendly prices and affordability are the main reasons for the popularity of counterfeit products.

The major reason is quoted that people find it difficult to distinguish originals from the fake and end up buying cheap replicas of the genuine products. But in reality, it is found that people who have previously bought counterfeit goods believe that they are as good as genuine products and this encourages them to repeat their actions of buying counterfeit products.

From the above-mentioned reasons, it is clear that the lawmakers and the manufacturers will have to go a long way in order to combat counterfeiting. Be it stringent laws, strict actions against violators, identifying the causes and working on them. They will surely have to make ways to not let people get attracted towards counterfeit products despite the tempting deals and beguiling prices!