The growing market of counterfeit watches in the world

There is a popular adage that the best things come in small packages. For example, a luxury wrist watch comes in the tiny enticing box- with a high price tag. However, there are many watches that do not carry any of the brand’s tag, stickers or logos with a usually high price. These watches are exact copies of the many luxury watches available in the market.

The online trade of counterfeit watches is much higher than we can imagine. It is estimated that 25-30 % of the people search for different kinds of fake watches online. There are many websites which have many kinds of fake watches listed on them.

You can do a simple google search which will show hundreds of results showing many popular international watch brands. Even counterfeiters have resorted to selling online fake products. There are many websites which will usually show fake watches. A few months back a leading international e-commerce player took action against some websites which were selling fake watches of a popular international brand.

This was followed by raids in which a large number of fake watches were seized by the police. However, the trade of counterfeit watches go beyond the illicit websites and span a large number of marketplaces also.

There are also many groups on the social media platforms which regularly trade in counterfeit watches. You can easily find here replicas of famous international brands which offer watches of all shapes and sizes.

Due to the combination of different selling platforms involved in the trade of counterfeit watch industry, the estimated number of global seizures in 2016 reached 1 million units.

Some of the highest copied watches were the costliest and it indirectly accentuated the prices of its fake. In 2015 the US authorities seized around 11,000 fake watches.

According to news sources, the United States and European Union are witnessing a rise of counterfeit watches and jewellery. Such kinds of products are being identified at national borders of the affected countries.

For the manufacture of counterfeit watches China still remains the favourite hotspot. In addition, Russia, Dubai and Turkey have also become the top hotspots for the manufacture of counterfeit watches.

In the past few years, it’s not just the conventional watch market which has been affected by counterfeiting. In fact, the digital watch market which is gaining a stronghold is also being affected by the menace of counterfeiting. With duplication of digital watches, counterfeiting has moved into a simulation of actual software.

Besides being faulty in nature counterfeit watches also pose a risk to the health of the consumer that may cause allergic reactions and are even toxic for the regular use.

As different international brands of luxury watchmakers are coming in the market the number of counterfeit watch markets are also growing up. The business of counterfeit watches is on the rise and every now and then we see a replica of a famous brand. With very little being done to curtail the market of counterfeit watches it does not seem that counterfeit watches will disappear anytime soon.