The perfect combination of holographic and digital security against duplication

Counterfeiters have devised unique ways of making duplicate products. Besides making fakes look visually similar to the original products they also copy its packaging and branding. This makes it tough for retailers and consumers to identify them in one go.

The problem usually stems from the easy availability of manufacturing technology, poor regulations and the involvement of organised crime syndicates which makes it highly possible for the duplication of products.

However, with the evolution of anti-duplication technology, it has become challenging for forgers to copy your product and sneak into your profits. Different kinds of anti-counterfeiting technologies (overt, covert, forensic and digital) are being used nowadays to counter duplication. But, the most prominent ones are holographic and digital technologies which are used across different industries.

Holostik is one of the pioneers in the field of anti-duplication in India. Since 1991, the company has been providing a range of anti-duplication and packaging solutions. It also provides IT-enabled solutions which not just secure your product but also manage the entire supply chain.

Holostik is also one of the largest manufacturers of security holograms in the world. 3D security holograms provide an easy and affordable solution for product authentication. The light diffraction property of the holograms and the potential to incorporate different overt, covert and forensic features makes security holograms one of the most popular choices of companies to secure their products and brands.

Moving a step ahead in product authentication, Holostik has amalgamated the power of security holograms and QR code in a single security instrument. While security holograms are meant for physical authentication, the QR code is used for digital authentication along with a host of other IT solutions which include track& trace, inventory management, reward management etc. The biggest advantage of this impeccable combination is that even if a counterfeiter is able to copy one technology then he will not be able to copy the other. It’s just like providing multiple layers of security to the product and thus reducing the chances of possible duplication

Holostik believes that in today’s market different anti-counterfeiting technologies are not competing but are complementary to each other. Taking a cue from this the company offers a combination of physical or holographic security and digital security which serves as the best anti-counterfeiting solution against the menace of duplication.