The trickery of fake detergents and how to spot them

Counterfeiting has crept in each and every sector which include clothing, accessories, medicines and many other industries.

An investigation by a renowned news channel found that more than 300 buckets of counterfeit detergent were being sold in the Los Angeles area. The fake laundry detergent buckets were packaged under popular brand names like Tide and Downy. Unfortunately, similar problems have been reported in many places.

Authorities have alarmed that the counterfeit laundry detergent is all over the internet and is posing a big for not just your clothes but also your health.

Scientists conducted tests on the fake detergent seized from different places and it looked and smelled like real laundry detergent however on the performance level it had a high amount of bleaching powder and was detrimental on the quality of the clothes.

How to identify fake laundry detergent:

  • If the fake laundry detergent comes in a five-gallon bucket, then it is fake. Detergent manufacturers do not package their products in a five-gallon bucket.
  • Always check the labels on the packaging. If there are spelling errors and grammatical mistakes, then it is sure that the product is fake.
  • Last but not least if the price seems too good to be true then it is a sign of a fake.