Top Counterfeited Goods Selling Markets in Delhi

Counterfeited Goods

Delhi can be rightly called the counterfeit capital of India. According to industry reports, Delhi accounts for 75% of counterfeit goods and services in the country. The current market size of counterfeited goods is Rs. 45,000 crores and Delhi is alone contributing 75% of it.

The report also indicated that the Capital is the main transit point for the sale of counterfeited goods. A city that inhabits a population of 2.5 crores is also a prime breeding area for thousands of counterfeiters.

With top schools, colleges, universities and multi-nationals all over, the city is a popular residence amongst all students, corporates and working people. With the increase in population, there is an inevitable need of basic utilities and luxury items. But, unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury to buy them.

This is where the counterfeit goods market comes into the picture and help those who want to look expensive by spending meagerly. Counterfeiting by no means is healthy and we have talked about it in almost all our previous blogs.

Let’s have a look at some of the popular markets in the heart of the city that makes it a perfect place for counterfeiters.

1. Nehru Place – A favourite spot for buying cheap and counterfeited hardware and software, laptops, pirated movies, and other electronic goods. Located in South Delhi, the market is listed in the world’s notorious market list by a US based organisation. With more than 1,500 shops, it is one of the largest computer markets in India.

2. Gaffar Market – This market is one of the popular grey markets in India. Counterfeited air-conditioners, cameras, televisions, mobiles as well as other accessories are sold here without bills and warranty.

3. Palika Bazar – located in Central Delhi, Palika Bazar is an air-conditioned underground market. With more than 300 shops, it is known for its cheap and fake clothes and electronic items.

4. Sarojini Nagar – With cheap imitates of designer clothes, footwear and bags, Sarojini Nagar market is a famous spot for limited budget shopping especially among the females.

5. Janpath Market – This market in Connaught Place has all the antique stuff that you would love to acquire. From handicrafts to funky attires, from paintings to cheap jewellery, you get everything here.

6. Daryaganj Book Market – This Sunday book market is a popular street for book-lovers. They sell the best novels in terms of weight. Yes! You heard it right. Here the books are sold at 100 or 200/- Rupees per kilogram.

These markets seem to be very tempting for regular shoppers and see huge crowds every day. But the quality of the products is far below than average. The buyers purchase these products at their own risks. Next time, you plan to visit any of these, know that one cheap bargain can cost you a lot in the future.