Watching the World Through Fake Sunglasses Can be Harmful


Once upon a time, there were hardly any people spotted with sunglasses on the streets. Then the times changed and today, sunglasses are an important part of the must-have accessories.

Besides protecting your eyes from the harmful Ultraviolet rays (UV-A, UV-B), these sunglasses have become a style statement. Men and women of all age-groups can now be spotted flaunting their aviators, reflectors, cat-eye, Polaroid’s, wayfarers etc.

Eyes are the most sensitive parts of our bodies and they need utmost care and protection. When we step out in the sun, it’s not just our skin which is exposed to the harmful ultraviolet radiations but our eyes too. While there are numerous ways to protect the skin like wearing a good SPF sunblock, a scarf or carrying an umbrella; these are practically not possible for our eyes.

But for the eyes, you can wear a pair of well-branded sunglasses and you are sorted!

With the universal obsession with sunglasses, the counterfeiters are taking undue advantage and coming up with cheap replicas of famous brands and duping customers.

Fake/counterfeit sunglasses can be more dangerous to your eyes than you can imagine. They can cause severe sight problems, eye-allergies, rashes and even blindness. Sunglasses are not just fancy items to make you look cool, they play an important role to protect your eyes too. So, choose them very easily and stay away from their fake counterparts.

Through this blog, we will guide you how to distinguish between fake sunglasses and real sunglasses.

1. Packaging and carry case – Before you can actually get to see your sunglasses, pay a closer attention to the packaging box and the carry case. If you are a good observer, you can easily spot a fake case. No good brand would package their products with cheap sleeves and films. The real product will always be found in a well-constructed and well-marked packaging.

A high-quality label with a bar code and manufacturer information can be found on the bottom of the box. The box or cases will include authenticity certification, warranties, information cards, and durable casings. Some may also offer microfiber cleaning cloth, velvet lined case etc. If anything feels cheap, or sub-standard, it could very well be a fake.

2. Model Numbers – Model numbers are identities of a particular product or a piece. They are consistent worldwide irrespective where you purchase it from. Always go on the manufacturer’s website and verify the model number of the sunglasses.

Copies and fakes have bogus numbers that are not listed by the manufacturer and will not be verified on the website. The model number can be found on the frames of the glasses or on the box.

3. Labels and Logos – Before you proceed to buy your sunglasses, carefully study their logos and labels. The luxury brands are extremely particular about their logos, their positioning, how well they appear etc. Logos are usually positioned on the lenses, arms, inside the earpiece, or any other place on the glasses. Real things will have error-free, neat and consistent labels and logos.

4. Quality and Craftsmanship – Best sunglasses are known for their quality and are charged based on it. Higher the quality, higher is the price. Make sure that the glasses are sturdy and durable. If the glasses feel cheap or low-quality, they are mostly fake. Press slightly on the hinges and arms to check their quality and stability, and wear the glasses for a few minutes to know the clarity of the lens.

5. Manufacturing Location – Do a little research about the location of the designer’s manufacturing facilities. Find out where your glasses are manufactured from. Study the packaging for this information so that you are not fooled.

Counterfeiters use cut-rate lenses to cut costs which implies that sunglasses besides failing to protect your eyes will cause more damage to your eyes. So, just in case you purchase a fake sunglass by mistake, immediately return it to the seller and inform the concerned authorities about the sale of counterfeit sunglasses.