Water, Water Everywhere but no water to drink!


‘Water is the driving force of all nature’

The above statement is undoubtedly the most truthful statement in the course of time. It is true that humans can go without food for many days but can hardly survive without water. For majority of us water is not a serious issue as we have running water in our taps 24*7 and when we go out, we have an easy access to packaged mineral water. But are you sure the mineral water you last purchased was original and not counterfeited?

Counterfeiters are not just attacking designer and popular brands but they have turned to items that are the bare minimum needs for humans and one of them is water!

Packaged mineral water is in huge demand especially at weddings, seminars, functions etc. It is also used widely in offices in large capacities.

According to many tests conducted by Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it has been found out that the mineral water manufacturers do not have any proper manufacturing machines and testing facilities. Customers are completely unaware that the water they are consuming and spending so much money is actually tap or borewell water which can result into serious health issues. As the temperature is on time high and is expected to sour more, there will be acute shortage of drinking water making way for illegal plants that could be a threat for consumers and human life.

It comes as no surprise that many of these manufacturers are operating on invalid licenses which consumers are not at all aware about. There can be nothing worse than drinking contaminated water or water that claims itself to be mineral and actually comes from borewell. We are all aware of the consequences of unhealthy water on our bodies. It can lead to countless diseases like diarrhoea, jaundice, typhoid and even death.

So, the next time you step out and buy a mineral water, make sure it is protected by a genuine seal. Also, refrain yourself from buying water that comes with a dirty/old packaging and the expiry date has been crossed.
Drink healthy stay healthy!