You love collecting luxury pens? Beware of counterfeits

There are many people across the world who are pen aficionados. They love to collect costly, vintage and modern pens. It is their favourite past time. Who would have imagined the worth of pens beyond writing? However, what most luxury pen collectors are not aware of is that they are handed over duplicates or fakes in place of the real costly pens. According to medianama, “German luxury products manufacturer Montblanc has taken legal action against e-commerce portal “” for selling counterfeit pens manufactured by the company online at cheaper rates, reports Bar&Bench. A Delhi High Court bench last week issued an ‘ex-parte, permanent injunction’ to Montblanc after the court found guilty of infringing trademark designs, and symbols owned by the German manufacturer.”

In another incident Viacom took action counterfeiters making fake stationery, according to bestmediainfo, “ Viacom18 Media recently conducted an investigation that led to a raid in Mumbai’s Abdul Rehman Street where two stores — Shubham Return Gifts and Eliperi Stationery — were found to be selling counterfeit Dora The Explorer products. The investigation was part of an attempt to counter the growing problem of counterfeit merchandise.”

The major amount of counterfeit or duplicate pens are nowadays available on the internet. A large number of counterfeit pens are manufactured in China. From Mont Blanc to Parker and Cartier to Waterman you can find all sort of luxury pens available online and offline- surprisingly most of them are made in China. As per la times, “The first time the pair of Shanghai private detectives came to this remote village known as China’s pen capital, they ran into big trouble. They were on a mission, along with provincial police, to raid a factory and seize thousands of counterfeit Parker pens.”

For a novice who has no idea of the original features of luxury, pen can be duped easily. With the easy availability of technology and cheap raw materials manufacturing counterfeit luxury, pens have not remained a problem. Counterfeiters can now easily procure the raw materials and machines required for manufacturing phoney luxury pens.