Tamil Nadu Excise Department


In April 1999 Department of Prohibition and Excise, Government of Chennai introduced a hologram, made by Holostik India Limited, on its excise label stock. The result was a large reduction in fake label stock being used by black market suppliers, with a high increase in excise revenue.

Problems: The Department of Prohibition and Excise, Chennai is amongst the highest contributor of revenue in Tamil Nadu State. Since Tamil Nadu is one of the very big states in India, it contributes a large volume sale of liquor bottles / pouches. Initially Tamil Nadu Excise department made it mandatory for all liquor manufacturers to paste an excise label stock on all liquor bottles sold in the region of Tamil Nadu. This label stock was printed in the excise department’s own press and different type of security features were added, in the label stock. But within a very short span it was found out that the paper label (Excise) with certain security features (ink, serial numbering) was not full proof and liquor bottles with duplicate excise label (exactly like original) were found in different part of the state. Thereafter the department tries a lot of solutions to stop all these kinds of counterfeiting but was not successful to do so. They even decided to go in for Bar coding, but the problem was the general public cannot understand the bar coding and also it is not easy for Police to check immediately.

The second and one of the major problems was that many people used to suffer after consuming spurious liquor as there was no authentic seal or feature for the end consumer to see before buying the liquor bottle. In absence of any security seal the spurious liquor manufacturers used to sell spurious liquor causing a number of casualties at times. As these spurious liquor manufacturers were not registered anywhere, they didn’t have any fear to sell low quality liquor and their main aim is to earn maximum profit. This was not only decreasing the government revenue or causing untimely death of the people, but also was causing a negative image for good and genuine brands.

Solution: All efforts of the Department of Prohibition and Excise, Tamil Nadu to bring out full proof solution ended in fiasco in the advent of 1999 Holostik India Limited proposed the idea of using Security Hologram in the liquor bottles as a full proof system to Tamil Nadu Excise and subsequently the department was convinced with
the concept, started using security holograms produced by Holostik India Limited in their Excise Labels. The Hologram which was made for Tamil Nadu Excise Department was a very high security hologram (first of its kind in India) and the application was also unique. Further the hologram which was made for Tamil Nadu Excise has lot of
attractive effects by which a common man end consumer can easily visualize and differentiate between the original and the duplicate. Certain other security features are given which is only known to the Prohibition and Excise and Police Department, which help them during raids.

Process: The Excise label stock was being printed in their own press. As additional automatic lamination machine designed and manufactured by Holostik India Limited was installed in their press. This lamination machine laminated
hologram in spool form (tape form) to the paper label stock before printing and again the paper label stock is re-winded with hologram laminated on it, then the paper label stock with hologram laminated passed through the normal printing and cutting procedure. This security excise label with hologram is sold to the liquor manufacturers and they paste this security label on each and every neck of the liquor bottles.

Supplier: Holostik India Limited is one of the leading manufacturers of Security Hologram and holographic film in the Indian Holographic Industry. It has a complete and the most modern infrastructure to produce holograms under a very high security environment all under one roof. Holostik India Limited has a very high security environment at their works (most vital / critical) in the holography industry) with continuous remote monitoring through sophisticated closed-circuit cameras and latest access control systems manned by country’s best security agency (Group 4 Securitas). The Department of Prohibition and Excise, Chennai recognized the need for the supply
chain to meet all these criteria.

Design: Artwork was supplied by the Department, which was later digitized using proprietary software, introduced colours and animation effects by Holostik India Limited. A Micro-text as provided by the department was provided in the artwork and certain other security features were incorporated in the design. The artwork was finally approved by the Department of Prohibition and Excise, Chennai.

Product: The hologram supplied to Tamil Nadu Excise was a combination of many security features named under the nomenclature of “Clickogram” (several companies have similar proprietary diffractive optically variable images
devices (DOVIDs) for authentication applications, varying in the origination method but all manufactured as embossed foils). The following are the security level incorporated in the hologram supplied to Tamil Nadu Excise.

1) Direct visual examination: The image is bright with clearly defined 2D/3D effect.
2) Animation and Kinetic Effect which cannot be attained by any kind of other printing technology.
3) Two channel image (Flip Flop effect), where one image disappears and the other appear when the viewing angle of the hologram is changed.
4) Inspection using a small magnifying lens or pocket microscope: to reveal micro-text;

Applications: The embossed hologram is supplied as a 15 mm wide roll with heat activated adhesive to be laminated to the Excise Label Stock using an automatic lamination machine.

Results: When the Label Stock with Holographic strip were introduced, following results occurred in the first year of its usage;

1) There was an increase in the excise revenue to the tune of 15 % in comparison to the previous year.
2) There were no untimely deaths reported in the last year because of consumption of spurious liquor.
3) The police were able to take faster actions due to easy recognition of the spurious liquor and they were able to track down several millions of spurious liquor bottle in a very short span of time.