When Harjit had an Expensive Experience with a Fake Luxury Watch


Everyone has that one friend or relative who takes at least one trip down Thailand and Hongkong every year. These are the ones who return back with extra baggages and their landing is always awaited.

Harjit too has a close relative who is a huge shopping freak which means it is mandatory for him to pay a must visit to China, Hongkong or Thailand at least once a year.

The last time his relative returned, he came back with a beautiful, timeless and classy Tag Heuer watch worth Rs. 98,000/- The watch also appeared better, thanks to the price that added on to its glory!

A true watch lover, Harjit whooped with joy. He had nothing to do with the price and the mere thought of owning such a classy Tag piece made him gleam with happiness.

Harjit started wearing it delightfully on his wrist and anybody that had a look at it could not stop themselves from asking about it. He was more than happy to tell them and enjoyed all the attention.

Now, a month later, the watched stopped at 2:40. He took it to the authorised Tag Showroom because he wanted to make sure that he gets just the right and the best cell for his expensive watch.

The shopkeeper took the watch in his hands and asked, “Sir, how much did you get this watch for?” Harjit disclosed the amount and the shopkeeper stared at him with empathy!

He again asked, “Sir, where did you purchase it from and do you have a bill?” Harjit declined politely and told that it was a gift from a close relative who got it from Hongkong.

By now, Harjit had become very doubtful as he never thought that he will have to disclose so many details on getting just the cell replaced. What he heard next took all the excitement of owning that watch from him!

‘Sir, this is a counterfeit of Tag and costs merely Rs. 4000-5000.’ What Harjit felt that moment cannot be explained in words.

He returned back with a heavy heart and shared the incident with his relative. To his utter shock, his relative had purchased five more pieces like him for other family members. They both were inconsolable.

We can just talk about the incident but can never imagine how they must have felt.

According to a report by Europol, in 2015, China and Hongkong were the origins of 86% of global counterfeiting and $396.5 billion worth of counterfeit goods.

So, the next time you have any friend or relative going to these places, advise them not to purchase any branded product even if the deal seems too good to strike because there are high chances that it might be a counterfeit!

(Based on inputs from Harjit Singh Johal, Resident, Noida)

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