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Are you the one who is facing duplication of your products by fraudsters or criminals? Are you the one whose brand name is being spoiled in the market due to duplication of your company’s products?

With our offerings of anti-duplication products and solutions, you can now secure your supply chain and further ensure that consumers authenticate before purchasing your products.

The anti-duplication products are easy, cost effective and customer friendly. Holostik has a legacy of 28 years of providing a gamut of anti-counterfeiting solutions out of which security holograms and security labels have a phenomenal history of securing and highlighting brands.

Security Holograms

Security holograms or hologram stickers are one of the best solutions against duplication. They come in different shapes and sizes and can be applied through applicator or manually onto any surface including wood, glass, metal, plastic, paper, board, rubber, fabric and many others. Security Holograms have a unique property to diffract light and create virtual 3D effects which can’t be clicked or copied by a camera, photocopier or a scanning machine. Besides having optical features, security holograms can also include standard & customised designs. Security hologram maker not just makes your existing packaging unique but also adds a layer of security against duplication. In times, where your products can be copied easily security holograms offer an affordable authentication solution to determine the genuineness of a product. Holostik company offers different types of security holograms which include tamper evident hologram, holographic scratch hologram, high reflective index hologram, sticker printing, high-security hologram, 3D security hologram, supreme-security hologram, custom holograms, lithograms among others.

Security Labels

Security Label is an effective solution for communicating company’s and product’s information. It can be considered as the first communicator of the company. Holostik is one of the largest manufacturing companies of security labels in India which reflects your brand identity and protects it from tampering and duplication. Security labels are an effective anti-counterfeiting and packaging solutions when it comes to countering duplication, tampering and adulteration. The use of different printing features, numberings, holographic strip, bar code and QR code further enhances the security of label which makes it highly difficult for forgers to copy it. Holostik India Limited offers different types of security labels which include FMCG labels, in-mould labels, apparel tags, pharmaceutical labels, lubricant labels, scratch labels, Tyvek labels, printing labels, safety labels, custom labels, tamper evident labels, tags among others.

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Established in the year 1991, Holostik India Limited is a leading hologram manufacturer in India. Due to its legacy, the company is known as a premium hologram sticker supplier, number one label sticker manufacturer, leading hologram supplier, top hologram sticker maker and by many other titles. Some of the products offered by the company include custom security hologram, safety labels, sticker labels, packaging labels, tamper evident labels, custom hologram stickers etc. Holostik caters cutting-edge holographic and IT-enabled authentication solutions to some of the biggest brands and government organizations.

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