Duplication of products is one of the major problems in many industries. At Holostik, utilising our R&D facilities, the anti-duplication solutions are designed in a manner that fulfils the requirements of the client to safeguard its products against counterfeiting in the best possible manner.

Our anti-duplication or anti-counterfeiting solutions are 100% efficient in verifying product authenticity, preventing duplicity and combating counterfeiting of the products. There are many industries in India and abroad, which are using our anti-duplication products and solutions and have successfully controlled counterfeiting of their products for their consumers.


We are what we eat! And therefore, we have all the reasons to eat healthy and feel good.


The saddest part of counterfeited auto-components is that the cheap deals may cost a life to many!


The perils of counterfeited drugs come with a very high price which is the consumer’s life.


When one uses a counterfeit electronic, they should remember they are putting their life at risk.

Apparels & Fashion

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Packaged Foods

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Sports & Fitness

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Education & Stationary

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Health & Dietary Supplements

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