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Every year approximately

57.6% million

garments enter the retail market through each licensee for resale through illegal channels from SEZs

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of imports into the SEZs are smuggled into the domestic market

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Majority of accessories and apparels are smuggled from countries like

China and Thailand

which then circulates in different parts of India

Source : Report titled “Emerging Challenges to Legitimate Business in the Borderless World” by FICCI CASCADE

There is nothing worse than seeing your designer brands getting copied and sold at cheaper rates. We know exactly what it takes to build a brand and its image. Don’t let counterfeiters take the profits and ruin your brand reputation!

Holostik has a solution to all your worries. Our products are just the right choice to help you maintain your sales and brand image. These are:

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Clothing and shoes are the second most commonly detained articles at EU external border [OHMI report]. The research also suggests that over 67% of counterfeit goods entering the EU is through China. However, several attempts have been made by the Shanghai police and the Police of London to tackle the problem of counterfeiting. But, these counterfeited goods are produced in such large scales and are operated through well-resourced and well-organised networks that it is extremely difficult to curb it and most importantly, to extract and kill it from its roots.

Whilst counterfeiting does not affect much of the common public, as they get branded look-alikes for a small price but it badly hits the designers who have put in a lot of efforts and hard work in making a brand popular, and to retain its originality.

Holostik offers a wide range of security holograms which helps in protecting brand against counterfeiting. These holograms can be used on any substrate and offers uniqueness and protection to the products. They can be applied on boxes, packing or directly to the product.

Our one-of-its-kind holograms are impossible to replicate and bears many hidden security features. One can choose from our wide variety of security holograms to ensure the best protection of their products.

Counterfeiting in the apparel and fashion industry causes huge losses, in terms of business and revenue loss and damage to brand reputation. The branded luxury goods and fashion industry is particularly hard-hit by the global menace of counterfeiting.

Our labels or apparel tags get attached to a piece of garment, apparel, jewellery and fashion accessory and are equipped with a wide range of anti-copy, overt and covert security features to protect brands against counterfeiting and fraud. At the same time, our hang tags comply with all logistic and modern production process requirements. These labels are designed to make it easy for consumer to recognise a genuine piece of garment, apparel, or hand bags.

Our pressure-sensitive, heat-applied and sewn-in security apparel tags protect many leading brands against counterfeiting. Many global brands have been using and benefited using our holographic labels and apparel tags and there has been significant reduction in counterfeiting figures.

Our state-of-the-art technologies enable us to deliver reliable product authentication labels that protect against counterfeiting, tampering or diversion. Selected materials and adhesives are used to deliver the application, performance, environmental, durability, tamper-evidence and security requirements of each product.

Holographic wide web film is majorly intended for packaging industry. We supply holographic wide web film in both PET and BOPP. Apart from brand protection, it increases the shelf appeal of the end product by making it fully holographic.


Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Holographic Wide Web films

  • Available thickness – 13 microns
  • Available colour – silver and transparent
  • They are available in varied roll sizes, designs and materials.

Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) Holographic Wide Web Films

  • Available thickness – 20 microns
  • Available colour – silver and transparent

Holographic Wide Web Films from Holostik find extensive usage in the packaging of many products. Augmented with security and holographic features, these wide web films are one of the best and most cost-effective options for various industries to prevent imitation of products, while adding to their visual appeal. These are manufactured using premium quality raw materials and sophisticated printing technologies and under expert supervision who take special care to keep the product compatible with international standards and latest market trends.

Wide web films in the Fashion and Apparel sector can be used in the packaging of any kind of product like clothes, shoes, bags, accessories etc. enhancing its look and feel and ensuring supreme security.

Hot Stamping Foils are extensively used in the Fashion and Apparel industry enhancing the product’s appeal and also makes its packaging distinguishable. We offer a broad range with a wide choice of functionality, colours and patterns. These are not only look-wise captivating but also have special features like resistance to abrasion, fade, heat, distortion, scratch-proof, moisture and chemical resistance etc.

Hot stamping foils in the fashion industry have been used by many designers and top brands to give a fresh look and unique identity to their products. They are also used on packaging depending upon the customer requirements. Hot stamping foil can also be done on fabrics.

Holostik is a recognised name in supplying tailor-made holographic pouches. The heat-sealed adhesive property of the holographic pouch provides protection against attempts like alteration and tampering and is hence tamper-evident. The security is enhanced by combining it with optical technology where a common polyester film is substituted with holographic film. This ensures highest level of security where customised or non-customised films are laminated over and further printing is done as per the design requirements.

We use packaging materials that are available by us in different designs and colour combinations and helps in uplifting the overall visual effects. Further, the superior combination of hologram technology and flexible printing process approach utilised at our end allow us to come up with different range of holographic pouches.

Due to its tamper-evident feature, any attempt to open the bag mechanically, thermally or chemically will be displayed. Hence, these pouches guarantee the security and authenticity of all the contents inside the pouches.

Our holographic pouches can be used to pack many products like shoes, bags, buttons, accessories, jewellery etc. We have an extensive clientele from the Fashion and Apparel sector who have been benefitted by using our pouches and have reversed the effects of counterfeiting.

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