Overview of counterfeiting in the BFSI Industry

Bank frauds jump 159% in 2019-20; PSBs account for Rs 1.48 lakh crore
- Indian Express

Gang forged papers to secure loans, cheated banks of Rs 60 crore
- TOI (2019)

Racket using fake bills to claim GST worth Rs 129 crore unearthed
- TOI (2020)

Benefits of our smart anti-counterfeiting, packaging & supply chain solutions

Our high security printing and anti-counterfeiting solutions prevent forgery of documents and subsequent losses to banks and financial institutions

Document protection with security printing, stamping foils and other solutions

Guaranteed safety of finance, investments, and other assets of financial institutions & consumers

Promote financial growth, boosts customer trust, and prevents loss of government revenue

Help in curbing down crimes and promote proper utilization of money for social welfare activities

Interested in Holostik’s offerings for the BFSI industry?



Anti-counterfeiting technologies prevent duplication, tampering, adulteration, and diversion of the products. As per ISO 12931: 2012, the technologies can be segmented as visible, non-visible, forensic & digital. Holostik has complete in-house capability to integrate these technologies. Our high security inks, complex patters and other invisible features in document printing prevent forgery resulting in security of your assets. In addition, our holographic stamping also prevents duplication of your documents with numerous security features. Here is a list of some of our anti-counterfeiting offerings for the banking financial services and insurance sector:

  • |Security printing
  • |Holographic Hot Stamping Foils
  • |Digital Product Authentication


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