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of online users are unaware that they are buying counterfeited products

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In India, there are

no specific laws

governing online counterfeiting

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The Indian consumer market is expected to increase by


by 2020, out of which 30% would be through e-commerce

Source : The Fashion Law

E-commerce has changed the way the world shops! It has given rise to millions of online buyers and sellers which in turn has also given birth to countless counterfeiters. The easy online purchasing- as it seems can get costly if proper precautions are not taken.

Holostik can help in protection of products through:

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No doubt, E-commerce has changed the way we shop. One click and we have everything at our doorstep. But it comes with its share of good and the ugly – Counterfeits making its way through the seller listing. It is an age old adage that counterfeit or knock-offs are sold at fraction of cost, but this is no longer true today. In a bid to appear more genuine, counterfeit sellers don’t offer discount and with strict rules on return and shipping.

The E-commerce stores are challenged with higher number of returns (of fake product) increasing their logistics cost. The customer also suffers harassment and inability to differentiate genuine from fake since none of the approaches are full-proof. Product owners (brands) also lose their revenue to counterfeits as well as suffer goodwill loss due to the experience of fake by their customers.

At holostik, we understand your concern and hence have fully integrated products and solutions to help you fight counterfeiting. The corrugated boxes or packaging boxes are secured with holograms that are equipped with barcodes or QR codes and on scanning by a smart-device can display the authenticity and genuineness of the product. Besides, the security holograms are equipped with many hidden security features which are almost impossible to replicate. The authenticity can also be checked by sending the code via an SMS.

It is often seen that any new business opportunity that comes up in the market faces tough competition from its competitors. Nowadays, the competition is faced by a parallel counterfeiting industry. Even in the e-commerce industry, many counterfeiters are in watch to sell their fake goods online. The rise of e-commerce has brought major opportunities. Unfortunately, online counterfeiting has followed this growth.

As the trend of online shopping is picking up pace with full gear and has become latest trend, the counterfeiters are minting money day and night. This calls for a realistic and holistic approach to combat counterfeiting and eradicate the issue. There should be a trusted online ecosystem where brand owners, online retailers and consumers collaborate and could bring effective results.

On using Holostik’s security labels, you can give your products the extra protection they require. Our holographic secured labels are built using specialised technologies under expert’s supervision. There are many hidden security features which are very difficult to replicate. The labels can also be equipped with a barcode or a QR code. On scanning the code, customer can know if the product is genuine or fake. Labels can be applied directly on the product or on the corrugated box.

E-commerce growth is on boom and making a lot of money for many wholesalers and retailers. Counterfeiters are also taking the full advantage of the online platform to enlarge their businesses. In fact, counterfeiters now capture a far wider market and leverage much advanced technology to be more organised and more efficient.

Online counterfeiting appears in many forms. Independent websites, online marketplaces and social media websites are becoming a popular and a cheap method for counterfeiters to attempt to sell fake goods.

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) estimates that counterfeiting accounts for an estimated $600 billion a year. It has been observed that:

  • One in six products sold online is identified as counterfeit.
  • According to the Office of the US Trade Representative, the volume of pirated and counterfeit hard goods sold online will soon surpass that of goods sold by street vendors and in other physical markets.

Holostik provides secured holographic pouches incorporated with QR codes or barcodes. At the time of delivery, the customer can scan the QR code and know about the genuineness of the product. For those who do not carry smart phones can SMS the code and receive information via message.

We have a wide range of hot stamping foils films for the E-commerce industry which not only enhances the product’s appeal but also makes its packaging distinguishable. We offer a broad range with a wide choice of functionality, colours and patterns. These are look-wise captivating and also have special features like resistance to abrasion, fade, heat, distortion, scratch-proof, moisture and chemical resistance etc.

Hot stamping foils in the E-commerce industry can be used on any type of packaging depending upon the customer requirements. Hot stamping can be done on paper, bottles, boxes, pouches, fabric etc. It provides unique identification as well as security to the products.

Holographic wide web film is majorly intended for packaging industry. We supply holographic wide web film in both PET and BOPP. Apart from brand protection, it increases the shelf appeal of the end product by making it fully holographic.

Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Holographic Wide Web films

  • Available thickness – 13 microns
  • Available colour – silver and transparent
  • They are available in varied roll sizes, designs and materials.

Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) Holographic Wide Web Films

  • Available thickness – 20 microns
  • Available colour – silver and transparent

Holographic Wide Web Films from Holostik find extensive usage in the packaging of many products. Augmented with security and holographic features, these wide web films are one of the best and most cost-effective options for various industries to prevent imitation of products, while adding to their visual appeal. These are manufactured using premium quality raw materials and sophisticated printing technologies and under expert supervision who take special care to keep the product compatible with international standards and latest market trends.

Wide web films in the E-commerce sector can be used in the packaging of any type of carton boxes enhancing its look and feel and ensuring supreme security.

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