Overview of counterfeiting in the ELECTRONICS & ELECTRICALS INDUSTRY

Fake electrical items were 12% of overall fake products seized globally in 2016

Consumer electronics suffered loss of Rs 21,452 crore in India
– FICCI 2018

Around 1.25 lakh jobs were lost in Indian consumer electronics industry due to counterfeiting
– FICCI 2018

Benefits of our smart anti-counterfeiting, packaging & supply chain solutions

Our smart holograms, labels and packaging solutions prevent the duplication of electronic items and improves product and company image

Ensure easy and quick verification of product’s genuineness resulting in high quality end-product

Prevent replacement and theft of OEM parts in the middle of supply chain

Boost the brand’s image & the sales of the electronics or electrical product manufacturer

Prevent evasion of government taxes due to sales of counterfeit electronics

Interested in Holostik’s offerings for the Electronics& Electrical industry?

END-TO-END SOLUTIONS FOR Electronics & Electricals 


Anti-counterfeiting technologies prevent duplication, tampering, adulteration, and diversion of the products. As per ISO 12931: 2012, the technologies can be segmented as visible, non-visible, forensic & digital. We have complete in-house capability to integrate these technologies. Our customized security holograms help in preventing the sale of counterfeit electronics items in the marketplace. Besides holography, digital authentication helps in boosting the security of your product by manifolds. Here is a list of some of our anti-counterfeiting offerings for the electronics & electrical industry:

  • |Security Holograms/OVDs
  • | Holographic Hot Stamping Foils
  • | Digital Product Authentication


Labels are important for brand protection, product aesthetics and supply chain visibility- when clubbed with QR Code. Made with raw materials sourced from global players like Avery Dennison, our labels are highly durable, secure, and visually appealing. Our secure labels can be integrated seamlessly with digital solutions. Our smart & secure labels help in preventing counterfeiting and implementing digital solutions throughout the supply chain. Our specialty labels help in enhancing the visual appeal of your electronic product on the shelf and increase its sale. We provide labels under the following categories:

  • |Smart Labels
  • | Security Labels
  • |Specialty 3D Labels


Packaging now a days is a silent salesperson and plays an indispensable role in safeguarding products and their contents. Our durable and aesthetic packaging products can be incorporated with holography and digital codes to prevent duplication. In addition, our highly attractive packaging helps in boosting the visual image of electronic items which leads to higher sales. We offer the following assortment of packaging solutions for the electronic and electrical industry:

  • |UV Embossed 3D Lens Film
  • |Holographic Packaging Films
  • | Holographic Security Pouches

Supply Chain Visibility

Visibility in supply chain is critical for your company’s growth. Comprehensive and seamless supply chain management ensures higher productivity, low wastage of raw materials and maximum utilization of resources which increases profitability. Our advanced track and trace solution help you to determine the location of your product in the supply chain and prevents tampering or theft of your electronic products. Our customized offerings in supply chain visibility include the following:

  • |Track and Trace
  • | Inventory Management
  • |Reward Management
  • |Warranty Management


What Our Clients Say

*With results driven from specific use cases and would vary as per implementation
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