Overview of counterfeiting in the Government SECTOR

The Indian government lost Rs 1.17 lakh crore in 2017-18 due to counterfeiting

Estimated tax loss to Indian government exchequer from fake items was around Rs 39,239 crore in 2018-19
- Financial Express.

Incidents of counterfeit cases in India increased by nearly 15% in 2019 compared to 2018.
- Financial

Benefits of our smart anti-counterfeiting, packaging & supply chain solutions

Our customized smart secure holograms, revenue stamps, stamping foils, security printing & digital solutions secure government documents from forgery and duplication

Prevent duplication of govt. documents, identity cards, voter cards, driving license etc. minimizing the risk of forgeries

Secure feeder documents like ration cards, birth certificates, degrees, marksheets etc. used for making critical documents like passports or national identity cards

Safeguard revenue stamps, vehicle passes, entry passes and other highly confidential documents resulting in secure collection of taxes & access to high security locations

Maintain security of important government offices, labs, and centers

Interested in Holostik’s offerings for the Government Sector?



Anti-counterfeiting technologies prevent duplication and tampering of highly important documents, passes, identity cards and educational certificates. Our holographic products with 4th generation nano optical images makes government documents and products highly secure. Our revenue stamps embedded with intricate security printing and digital codes not just prevent duplication but also help in tracking product in supply chain. Here is a list of some of our anti-counterfeiting offerings:

  • | Security Holograms/OVDs
  • |Revenue Stamps
  • |Holographic Hot Stamping Foils
  • |Digital Product Authentication
  • | Security Printing Holographic Overlay Film


Labels are important for brand protection, product aesthetics and supply chain visibility. Made with raw materials sourced from global players like Avery Dennison, our labels are highly durable, secure, and visually appealing. Holostik’s secure labels can be integrated seamlessly with digital solutions. Our security labels incorporated with highly aesthetic features and bar codes help in giving a unique identity to the product and managing inventory in the supply chain. We provide labels under the following categories:

  • |Smart Labels
  • | Security Labels
  • |Specialty 3D Labels

Supply Chain Visibility

Supply chain visibility is critical for your company’s growth. Comprehensive and seamless supply chain management ensures higher productivity, low wastage of raw materials and maximum utilization of resources. Our physical solutions can be integrated with digital solutions to provide cutting edge inventory visibility, product tracking and authentication to determine the genuineness of the product. Our customized offerings in supply chain visibility include the following:

  • | Track and Trace
  • | Inventory Management
  • | Reward Management
  • | Warranty Management


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