Overview of counterfeiting in the SPORTS & FITNESS INDUSTRY

60% of sports goods sold online in India are fake
- News18 (2017)

Fake cricket bats factory busted in the sports manufacturing hub of Meerut
- Dainik Jagran (2019)

European sports industry losses 500 million euros annually due to fake sports items

Benefits of our smart anti-counterfeiting, packaging & supply chain solutions

Our customized smart and secure holograms, labels, packaging solutions prevent counterfeiting of sports goods and help in managing supply chain for manufacturers

Leverage your company growth by preventing the sale of counterfeit sports goods

Secure your sports goods with digital security & instantly verify product’s genuineness

Easily monitor inventory and initiate loyalty schemes for retailers and end-consumers

Empower your customers with easy and accurate product authentication

Interested in Holostik’s offerings for the Sports& Fitness industry?



Anti-counterfeiting technologies prevent duplication, tampering, adulteration, and diversion of the products. As per ISO 12931: 2012, the technologies can be segmented as visible, non-visible, forensic & digital. We have complete in-house capability to integrate these technologies. Our security holograms and holographic stamping foil provides authenticity to your sports good. Integration with digital authentication accentuates the security of your product and help manage the supply chain. Here is a list of some of our anti-counterfeiting offerings for the sports industry:

  • |Security Holograms/OVDs
  • |Holographic Hot Stamping Foils
  • | Digital Product Authentication


Labels are important for brand protection, product aesthetics and supply chain visibility -when clubbed with QR Code. Made with raw materials sourced from global players like Avery Dennison, our labels are highly durable, secure, and visually appealing. Our secure labels can be integrated seamlessly with digital solutions for optimum security and inventory visibility of your sports items in the supply chain. We provide labels under the following categories for sports industry:

  • | Smart Labels
  • | Security Labels
  • | Specialty 3D Labels


Packaging nowadays is a silent salesperson and plays an indispensable role in safeguarding products and their contents. With the incorporation of proprietary digital barcodes and QR codes, our packaging products allow for inventory control, warehouse management and supply chain visibility. Our highly aesthetic UV embossed packaging gives an unparalleled visual appeal to your sports goods on the shelf and prevents counterfeiting and tampering. We offer the following assortment of packaging solutions:

  • |UV Embossed 3D Lens Film
  • | UV Embossed Folding Cartons
  • |Holographic Wide Web Packaging Films
  • |Holographic Security Pouches

Supply Chain Visibility

Visibility in supply chain is critical for your company’s growth. Comprehensive and seamless supply chain management ensures higher productivity, low wastage of raw materials and maximum utilization of resources which increase profitability. Our digital supply chain solutions help in managing complex work processes, raw material management, warehouse management and production management for sports goods manufacturers. Our customized offerings in supply chain visibility include the following:

  • | Track and Trace
  • | Inventory Management
  • | Reward Management
  • |Warranty Management


What Our Clients Say

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