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Mr. Alok Gupta

Finance & Accounts, Holostik Group
Head, United Warehousing

In the past 42 years, we have created unparalleled goodwill in the market and among our customers.
Finance & accounts management Company development Company expansion Business strategy
C-117, Sector-2,Noida -201301,(UP), India
Finance & accounts management
Company development
Company expansion
Business strategy

Mr. Alok Gupta is the Director, Finance & Accounts, Holostik, and serves on its board of directors since 1995.

Mr. Gupta is a management post-graduate from Banaras Hindu University in 1976 and has served more than 3 decades in private sectors looking after the development and expansion of companies.

Prior to Holostik group, Mr. Gupta was associated with K.M. sugars and was a part of their Board of Directors team. He then came to Delhi to work in their sister concern company, K.M Leasing Limited from 1981-1989. He is associated with Holostik group from 1990 and since then has been actively involved with the evolution of the company. He has been looking after the department of Finance & Accounts for the group. He is also heading the company, United Warehousing group, and its diversification.

He is a firm believer insincere commitments to work and his larger vision has helped the company reach new heights.

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