Sharad Kumar Garg - Holostik

Sharad Kumar Garg

Director, Production & Innovation

Mr. Sharad Kumar Garg is the Director, Production & Innovation, Holostik.

He is associated with Holostik from last 20+ years and looking after the production at the manufacturing facilities.

He is an R&D expert having more that 25 years of experience in the area of anti-counterfeiting. He is one of the important members of the group responsible for setting up new projects, R&D and overall functioning of manufacturing plants.

He is majorly involved in security printing, innovations with printing techniques and new innovations.

It was because of his tireless efforts that Holostik was able to acquire certification from Indian Banks Association. This was a breakthrough as due to this, Holostik was able to print cheque books and other confidential bank documents.

Mr. Garg is an MBA from Lucknow University and has earned a degree in Bachelor of Engineering.