Umendra Kumar Gupta - Holostik

U. K. Gupta

Chairman and Managing Director

Mr. Umendra Kumar Gupta is Chairman and Managing Director, Holostik Group.

He is the proverbial think-tank leading the Holostik Group since 40 years. With his surprising vigour and commitment, he has revolutionised the anti-counterfeiting industry through Holostik. He is serving on the board of directors since 1993.

Holostik group came into inception in the year 1978 with his sole intention, vision and impulsion to create a world with ‘No compromises’.

Under his able and visionary leadership, Holostik Group has consistently grown to become an established conglomerate in the global market and has marked its deep footprints in anti-counterfeiting products & solutions and packaging services, real estate and logistics, aroma chemicals & essential oils through five companies.

With a work profile being as impressive as his business experience and passion, he has pegged the company’s flags worldwide by serving 75+ countries globally and made Holostik world’s largest producer of security holograms.

He started off with a business in water tanks known by the name of Polywell which in a span of three years became the leading brand in Northern India. And today, he has refined his years of experience and originality into establishing Holostik as the pioneers in manufacturing innovative and customised holographic and anti-counterfeiting solutions.

Mr. U.K. Gupta is a management post-graduate from Banaras Hindu University.