When Naveen Had a Rough Encounter with iPhone Cable

Counterfeiting Story

Naveen is one of those million people for whom phone means iPhone. He is one dedicated Apple customer and its products have never disappointed him.

He has been using his phone for quite some time now and with great satisfaction.

Now, it happened so, that his cable ran out of its shelf life and there were breaks in a major length of it. He knew it was now time for a new cable to be purchased.

Unfortunately, replacements of Apple products do not come at an easy price and gives a hit to your pockets.

Having no other option, Naveen browsed the cable online and went through various sellers and viewed customer reviews of the same. At last, he ordered one from a reputed e-commerce merchant who had the best user reviews and whose delivery date was the shortest.

As expected, he received the same on the second day of ordering. He was so relieved as he was working on the minimal battery from the last two days. And for a sales person, a working phone with a full battery is a mandate.

As soon as he connected it to his phone, he was taken aback when he saw the ‘Accessory may not be supported’ message on his phone. (as shown in the picture)

After facing a lot of failed attempts, he took the cable to Apple store and in no time, the executive confirmed that the product was a counterfeit!

Naveen immediately contacted the online merchant and he got the money back.

Well, do you really think the problem ends here? Like him, there are thousands of purchaser’s online who encounter a similar situation every day. We are sure, most of them must be getting their refunds but has anybody really given a serious thought to the amount of time and energy that we all waste in the process. Firstly, the endless searching and ordering the right product, then waiting for it to be delivered, then the pain that follows on knowing that the product is a counterfeit and then waiting for the refund to be credited to our accounts!

Phew! the task list is long…

Naveen’s story teaches a very important lesson. Do not trust the customer reviews blindly, as these can be faked too!

We also have a bad news for Apple users. The company has informed that more than 90% of ‘genuine’ Apple chargers & cables sold on Amazon are fake. Well, if you too have purchased your cable from here, and it’s not working smoothly, you now know the reason!

(Based on inputs from Naveen Ahuja, Resident, West Delhi)

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