‘10% of our products in Asia are fakes’- Adidas

The international sports and apparels giant Adidas recently stated that 10 per cent of gear featuring its company’s world-famous logo in Asia were probably cheap copies.

Kasper Rorsted, Chief Executive for Adidas raised concern about the growing problem of fake sportswear products. In a shocking revelation, he said that 10% of the products featuring his company’s logo in Asia were mostly poor copies.

While talking to CNBC Rorsted said that the counterfeits are being sold both online and offline and issue of duplication is a major problem for his industry.

He also emphasized on the point that the problem of counterfeiting is quite prevalent in Asia and approximately up to 10% in some categories are duplicates.

He said, “We are seeing that in bricks and mortar, and we are seeing that online. It continues to be a big problem for our industry.”

Source: nzherald.co.nz