$300-m ‘Counterfeit’ Merchandise Seized

The police raided two stores worked by Chinese in downtown Kingston and seized what they depicted as phoney brands esteemed at more than $300 million.

However, the activity did by the Counter-Terrorism and Organized Crime (CTOC) Investigation Branch, rankled a few people who said they had no issues with the merchandise and that they brought home the bacon by purchasing items from the store for resale.

Six Chinese nationals — five men and a lady — were arrested amid the task that initiated around 9:00 am at 84 and 88 Princess Street.

Head of CTOC, Assistant Commissioner of Police Fitz Bailey, who was at the scene, said the two stores had what seemed, by all accounts, to be fake items of different brands.

“We have recognized a lot of fake items — shoes, Adidas, Nike, Louis Vuitton, you name the brand — thus we are grabbing those things, which will take us a decent while,” Bailey told columnists outside the stores.

The seizure, he stated, is a piece of endeavours by CTOC to clasp down on fake products on the island.

“We have an order, and wherever our data drives us, wherever we get the proof, we will seek after, regardless of whether it breaks of the IP (Intellectual Property) enactment or some other enactment. We will seek after people who are in rupture of the law,” Bailey said.

In any case, while the police directed the task, various individuals said they were among the stores’ clients and were very angry.

The lady, who said she has four kids told correspondents that she has been buying things from the Chinese for quite a while.

Image, who was resolute that nothing wasn’t right with exchanging illegal products, said that the Chinese give clients the chance to buy “name brand” merchandise.

Another lady, Kamesha Morgan, who was wearing a couple of Nike shoes said she had obtained from one of the stores two years prior, demanded that when the stores are revived she will shop again.