80 Tonnes of Fake Products Destroyed by the Government

Fake Product Destroyed by The Government

Recently, Government officials destroyed more than 80 tonnes of counterfeit chemical products which included hazardous skin-whitening creams and knock-off Viagra pills.

The wheel of the excavator was operated by Interior Minister Sar Kheng who crushed about 80 tonnes of fakes seized by the government’s Counter Counterfeit Committee.

“These products were tested and found to have chemicals that could have adverse effects on the health,” said Committee head Mech Sophana. He further added that this kind of huge destruction has never happened in the history of crackdowns on fake products in Cambodia.

According to Sar Kheng, there was little cooperation between the ministries to identify and confiscate counterfeits. He said, “Some medicines are expired, but the ‘out of date’ stamps are removed and new ones are placed, making the medicine new.” There were other pills also that were manufactured from cassava powder rather than actual medicine.

He urged to pay special attention to consumables like alcohol and food that could contain ingredients that can endanger life and health.

He gave an example that he recently received a bottle of Chivas Regal whiskey as a gift from an unnamed ambassador. He said, “It was clearly fake, and this is not the mistake of the ambassador, it was a mistake of the seller who sold it.”