Amazon counters textbook duplication in a sting operation

counterfeit textbooks

International e-commerce giant Amazon is tackling the sales of duplicate textbooks on its US site after it came to know that many booksellers were allegedly selling counterfeit books revealed through a major online sting operation.

A media platform had reported that Amazon had conducted a sting operation which leads to the suspension of many US booksellers who were shipping fake textbooks.

A spokesperson from Amazon said that the counterfeit books were caught through a test buy program which is a part of major anti-counterfeiting action. The publishers of the books said that the books were fake, so they had to take action to protect their customers.

Prominent publishers like Cengage, Elsevier, Macmillan Learning, Mc Graw-Hill Education and Pearson collaborated on a website which was intended to raise awareness of the problem of duplication they say is ‘significantly’ contributing to the decline of textbook revenues.

The website states that duplicate books are a substantial problem in the educational marketplace which is burdening students with cheap quality products; exposing distributors to legal liability and unsaleable inventory; and depriving authors and publishers of the funds necessary to reinvest in new educational content