Amazon plans to eliminate fakes with the implementation of Project Zero

E-Commerce major has taken a new initiative for fighting fakes. The company has initiated an anti-counterfeiting move known as ‘Project Zero’ which will allow brands to directly flag and delete fake listings themselves.

Presently, the companies have to forward a request to Amazon if they spot counterfeit versions of their products. The process is similar to the copyright takedown process of Youtube. Lately, Amazon has struggled a lot to deal with false or misleading information on its platform and removing counterfeit products has been quite challenging for it.

In the nascent stage, Project Zero will hope to boost its efforts in eliminating counterfeits on its site where only limited brands will have the power to remove fakes. According to Amazon, the combined power of brands and Amazon can effectively deal with the problem of counterfeiting. The company also cautions that the “brands must maintain a high bar for accuracy in order to maintain their Project Zero privileges.”

The company will impart training to Project Zero users and will actively monitor the cases to prevent any abuse of the platform. Amazon’s Project Zero will feature self-service counterfeit removal for brands and automated scans of logos as well as trademarks on its site.

Source: Financial Express