Amazon to end sale of counterfeits on its platform in India

In a recent development global online retail giant Amazon stated that it will prevent the sale of counterfeits on its platform in India with the help of Project Zero.

Dharmesh M Mehta, Vice President, Worldwide Customer Trust and Partner Support said that they are excited to see many small and big brands coming out to partner with them to prevent fake products on the Amazon platform and provide a great shopping experience. He also said that Project Zero is built on long-standing work and investments to ensure that customers always receive authentic goods.

The sale of fake goods might seem to be impacting major conglomerates. However, the products go under tight scrutiny through stringent health guidelines so that it may not help consumers. Some e-commerce brands add a badge to trustworthy sellers like Flipkart Assured but it does not prevent the sale of counterfeits.

Different Indian brands were a part of the pilot project in India to make this functional. Project zero has a mechanism through which it carefully understands brands and their products along with their intellectual property. With the help of this information, the project carefully identifies whether a product is genuine or not.

Amazon will take help of automated protections, self-service counterfeit removal as well as product serialization. Basically, every product will have a unique serial number that will authenticate whether it is genuine or not.

Mehta also says that if their automated protections miss a fake listing then a brand can find them pull them down. Through this initiative, Amazon has for first-time empowered brands against fighting fakes.