Apply Delhi high court judgement on e-commerce – asks seller body

delhi high court

According to a judgement by Delhi High Court, last month on counterfeit products sold on ShopClues an association has asked to implement the judgement on the entire e-commerce.  The judgement mentioned that e-commerce was not taking enough steps to curb the sale of counterfeit products. The association of online vendors has written to the government asking for applying guidelines laid out by the court to all e-commerce marketplaces in India.

While complaining against ShopClues the American electronics brand Skullcandy mentioned that its counterfeit products were being sold on the platform. The Delhi High Court has asked the Tiger global based company that it maintains all the necessary guidelines to ensure the authenticity of products on its platform.

However, ShopClues has not responded to specific queries on the steps that were being followed. All India Online Vendors Association has written to the government and the Consumers Affairs Ministry to direct all marketplaces according to the guidelines laid by the law.

Earlier ShopClues has been pulled up for a similar issue of counterfeit products in a judgement where it was barred from selling counterfeit products of French cosmetics company L’Oreal.

Source: Economic Times